I Might be a Digital Caveman

No Facilities

First frost

I recently was given a new iPad for work. I get to use it for non-work stuff, but my iPhone is my go-to mobile device. I have to buy my own phone. I use it for work stuff, just as much, perhaps more than I use the iPad for personal stuff, but these are the things that all come out in the wash.

Anyway, the week after getting the new iPad, I had to travel to New York City for three days. It was going to be a busy three days, so there didn’t seem to be the need to take my laptop.

Now, you should know that me traveling without a laptop is as if my grandmother had traveled without her knitting, or my dad had traveled without his golf clubs – i.e. things that just don’t happen.

I prepared for the journey. I reckoned that I…

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Dangerous Territory

Wish I was smart enough to use TWITTER correctly!!!

No Facilities

MiMi I was asleep

I know I’m stepping into dangerous territory, as many of my regular readers aren’t interested in Twitter. If you’re in that group, you can feel free to skip to the gallery and see some of the pictures I took after our first snowstorm. For those of you who remain interested: I think Twitter may have ruined the Twitter experience.

OK, maybe it’s not totally ruined, but ruined enough. It’s like they dropped the set of six wine glasses you liked, and four of them broke into painful shards. They’re still good glasses, but you can’t use them as often.

It’s not Twitter’s fault, although it clearly is. I understand, Twitter is trying to be relevant, i.e. more Facebooky, but, in most cases, this isn’t working for me.

If you’re one of the non-Twitter folks who have hung in with me – thank you – and let me…

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One-Liner Wednesday – Knowledge vs. Speed

No Facilities

You snooze you lose…unless you have kitchen privileges

I pulled into our driveway on Sunday morning, and found two squirrels waiting in the yard. They seem to know that we carry nuts (or perhaps we are nuts) with us in the car. As I walked over to toss them a few peanuts, they heard some squawking and ran to the dogwood for protection. I tossed the peanuts. As they started to come down, two blue jays arrived in the tree. For a few seconds. everyone stood still, then the blue jays swooped in and scarfed up the peanuts.

I went inside, but a few minutes later, I could hear a gentle tapping on the front door. The two squirrels were waiting on the porch.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, I’d encourage you to join in…

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Gus Andreone – Hometown Hero #WATWB

No Facilities

If we were having a beer, you would be picking on me again.

“Can we assume that you were making rather merry on Thursday Mr. Cratchit?”

“Excuse me?”

“And, excuse me for saying, but if you’re casting him as Bob Cratchit, you are casting yourself as Scrooge.”

“Be careful Cheryl, it’s his turn to buy.”

“Darn, there goes my tip. You boys want your usual?”

“Bring my young friend a Yuengling, but I will have a glass of Meiomi today.”

“Backing off on the bourbon, are we?”

“He’s not backing off, Cheryl, he’s paying.”

“Now that were done picking on me, can we get back to your recent oversight?”

“Who says we’re done? Sorry, what was it I didn’t I do?”

“Here’s your beer; your wine; I see I didn’t miss the punch line. What didn’t he do?”

“He failed to realize that yesterday was the last Friday of the…

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Thursday Doors – Happy Thanksgiving

No Facilities

Anne St area leftover.

Today is Thanksgiving Day here in the US, and that means that many of you, including my lovely editor, have been cooking and cleaning since before I started writing this post. So, I’m going to cut you all some slack and just go with the door photos and their captions.

I chose doors that don’t require a story, don’t have a documented history, or are left over from previous posts. Who doesn’t love leftovers?

This post is part of the wonderfully addictive series by Norm Frampton, called Thursday Doors. Each week, we gather together at Norm’s place and share door photos, comments, turkey, pie and adult beverages. Oops, I’m getting the day’s events confused. Once you get to Norm’s, look for the blue frog. He will guide you into the gallery where you can add your doors, or admire the doors of so many others.

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Thanksgiving – Then and Now

Pacific Paratrooper

I wish to express my thanks to each and every one of you !!


For those of you living where there is no official Thanksgiving Day – look around – family, friends, Freedom and life itself – all enough to give thanks for each day !

Thanksgiving during WWII…

They’re celebrating Thanksgiving on this very day,
My thoughts are at home, though I’m far away;
I can see everyone, eating dinner deluxe,
Whether it be chicken, turkey or even duck;
The fellows over here won’t whimper or moan,
They’ll look to the next one and hope to be home.
Truly and honestly, from way down deep,
They want you to be happy and enjoy your feast.
These holidays are remembered by one and all,
Those happy days we can always recall.
The ones in the future, will be happier, I know
When we all come back from defeating the foe.

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Thursday Doors – Garage Attic Access

No Facilities

New Attic Access Doors

Several months ago, I mentioned how I was beginning two “side projects” that had to be completed before a much-needed renovation to our garage could begin. Those projects were new access doors for the garage attic storage and a cabinet-style shed on the side of the garage. Let’s just say that life got in the way of the renovation, but the smaller items will be in-place when we try again next year. At least that’s the plan. Planning is one of those things I don’t get too stressed about these days. I’ve learned that the truly important things are being able to put both cars in the garage during the winter, and being able to get the snow blower out of the shed. I added that last bit because it’s the rationale for some door-making that became a third small project.

Accessing the storage space…

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