How to develop a standard approach to complying with the voluntary C-TPAT guidelines?


The U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) introduced a major cargo enforcement strategy, the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) in November 2001. A voluntary pact between government and business; C-TPAT is an important layer in firming up the international supply chain and increasing border security. It was created out of the realization that it is only the government agency, the CBP, which can provide security for cargo landing in American shores or destined for overseas locations, and that for it to do so, the players in the international supply chain, such as importers, consolidators, carriers, manufacturers, and licensed customs brokers have to work in close cooperation with it.

Based on the Security and Accountability for Every Port Act of 2006; the C-TPAT works by framing agreements with any entity that joins it. This C-TPAT agreement requires such a joining entity to take specific steps aimed at:

  • Protecting the supply…

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”You Are Only As Old As You Feel.”


0f939-545806_382722888437081_152560524786653_76204646_1357872503_n”You’s only as old as you feel, and I feel pretty young. I’ve got one gear, and till it gets reversed, I’m going all out.”

When you’re young and something hurts, you start thinking about what you could possibly have done before that made your body ache. As you get older, there are days when something hurts, and you stop looking for reasons from the previous day that caused the pain and start assuming that it must be yet another sign that you are getting older.

Those days are unpleasant.

A study in the scientists examined the effects of feeling old on evaluations of the self and general attitudes. The participants in these studies were all adults over the age of 40. In one study, some people were given a page of text that was really hard to read. The font was small and the contrast was low. Others were…

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Tribute and Doolittle Speech

Pacific Paratrooper

Jack Manch - Doolittle Raider Jack Manch – Doolittle Raider

Staunton, Virginia has been running a campaign to honor Jack Manch for being the hero that he was.  A low, black granite monolith in his honor to stand on a plot of ground donated by the city in Gypsy Hill Park.

001 (800x656)

In the Staunton “News Leader,” Baldwin Jennings,[ raising the memorial fund at 332 Sharon Lane] remarked:  “Standing 6’7”. Manch was far too tall to fly, so General “Hap” Arnold got him to bend his knee… A true American hero who deserves recognition for what he did.” [during the war and later in life].  Manch volunteered and joined the Doolittle Raiders and was one of the men who bailed out over China and worked his way back to friendly lines.

Jack Manch Jack Manch

He returned to Staunton, and “Shorty” remained an aviator.  In 1958 he became the base inspector at Nellis Air Force base.  On the…

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St. Jacobs: a town where horse and buggies are still on the road

fashion with compassion

St. Jacobs

This is a quaint little Mennonite town in Southern Ontario that always brings back special memories whenever I go: a nostalgic feeling and a place where I would live.

Marion, Lara and I enjoyed a few minutes relaxing, listening to the rustle of the autumn leaves, after a leisurely breakfast. Then it was time to go to St. Jacobs for some shopping and sightseeing. This was the only chance we had to sit in the summer room during their visit, because we were out touring all the time: out after breakfast and home after dark.

summer room It’s hard to believe that just a month ago the weather was autumnal and I only needed a light jacket. Now in November we had 15 centimetres of snow. (6 inches for my American friends).

Magnolia I found a fabulous black and gray asymmetrical top that looked like a designer top.

black and gray asyemmetrical topJust my style, just my…

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Always look forward to your stories. Have been through your area and always wondered about it. So close to the ainland and so far.


On Friday, April 20th, at Grasonville VFW Post 7464, the Queen Anne’s County Watermen’s Association will present a Watermen’s Story Swap.

The program will feature a panel of local watermen telling stories from both the past and present, but will also include a number of exhibits relevant to the local seafood industry, such as vintage photographs and artifacts watermen have found while harvesting the waters of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.

Easternshorebrent will be moderating the panel.

The event is free (though contributions will be accepted) and open to the public.

Several watermen who have not participated in past Story Swaps will be part of this year’s panel. Three of these new storytellers will be Captains Warren Butler, Eddie Grimes, and Joey Sadler.

51ce1b3da3b41.imageCourtesy of Warren Butler, Doug Bishop & The Bay Times 

WARREN BUTLER started his career as a waterman after serving in the Army during the Korean War.  A lifelong Eastern Shore resident…

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the times they are a changin’

Liked your blog too!

The Conglomerate Lode

at this time of year when we are seeing green and I don’t mean beer no, the first signs of spring are sprouting, men, women, dogs, cats, and even birds are emerging from the long sometimes cold, sometimes brutal, but nonetheless necessary.  soon summers heat then back to that what is depicted below.  All of the photographs below just happened no set plan other then to capture fall colors, I hope you enjoy.

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