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Railroads on Parade gets reprieve, famed model train displays to remain in Warren County

Remember the story about Railroads On Parade? CitiBank used to sponsor a Christmas exhibit then it went to Pottersville, New York.

Visitors to Railroads on Parade love examine the intricate model train displays and cityscapes crafted by award-winning set designer Clarke Dunham. While it was expected that the displays were to be dismantled due to an auction Nov. 11 to pay off the venue’s debt, an agreement was reached between Clarke and Barbara Dunham and an investor to keep the displays intact and the venue open

Dunham said that he might pursue buying the Railroads on Parade property — which he now leases.

#He’ll also be seeking a waiver from state building code that mandates that a sprinkler system be fully charged, which prevents the museum from staying open past mid-November due to potential pipe freeze-ups.

#Dunham said he’d like to keep Railroads on Parade open year-round, which would likely include a Christmas display.

A New York Times article in September which publicized the pending closure of Railroads on Parade and described the intricate, enchanting layouts helped in securing the museum’s future, Dunham said. The article attracted thousands of extra visitors — hailing from all over the northeast U.S. and Canada as well as from Europe — until the venue shut its doors in mid-October, Dunham said. During that time, the traffic at the museum doubled, raising $39,000 which is vital in the venue’s pending resurrection, Dunham said.

Lucius Riccio, the former Commissioner of Transportation for New York City, will be organizing the fundraising through Kickstart.com, Dunham continued. Riccio is a long-time fan of Dunham’s award-winning set designs and displays.
Anybody know how close to a “real” railroad? All I know about Pottersville is it REALLY in the boonies!

#To obtain news on the status of the museum or for updates on the crowd-funding effort, see: RailroadsOnParade.com or dunhamstudios.com.

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