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Photo of an old man in his musical instrument shop in Mylapore, Chennai, holding a Veena Veena specialist | Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

The Veena is a string instrument which originated in ancient India. It is used mainly in Carnatic classical music and Hindustani classical music. There are several types of Veenas, and they are classified on the basis of frets.

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Adams Street Freight House, South Troy and Troy History


The best spot to find out about railroads in South Troy, including the Adams Street Freight House is from the model railroad club at RPI:

NEB&W Guide to South Troy, NY – Not Modeled


Note ln their map (and ours too) how the Troy Union Railroad headed diagonally from 6th Avenue in downtown to River Street in south Troy.


 The Central had an engine facility at the foot of Adams Street. (Note the freight house extended all the way to Adams.) 
 The Central’s freight house still stands in south Troy. 
 There was a monumental structure that looked like a castle (or brewery), but it actually was Troy Waste. 

South End Tavern

  • This is at the extreme southern end of south Troy, just before the Menands bridge. This still stands and is notable for two things – they still have a “Ladies Entrance” (back when…

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Eat: Basil and Pistachio Nut Pesto

photo 1(4) Basil and Pistachio Nut Pesto

photo 2(3) Basil and Pistachio Nut Pesto

There are so many recipes for classic basil pesto, at ELE we like to replace the pine nuts with pistachio nuts for their salty, nutty flavor and numerous health benefits.

1 bunch of fresh basil
1/2 cup pistachio nuts, shelled
2 large cloves of garlic, peeled
1/2 cup of finely grated aged parmesan cheese
1/2 cup olive oil

Remove leaves from the basil stems and add to a food processor (or mortar and pestle if you prefer) with nuts, garlic and  parmesan cheese. Blend ingredients, slowly adding the olive oil until the pesto forms a smooth, thick paste. Season with salt and pepper.  We like to serve our pesto tossed through cooked pasta with roasted cherry tomatoes and shaved parmesan cheese.  Alternatively, mix a large spoon of pesto with cooked chopped chicken, pine nuts and whole egg mayonnaise, mix…

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Time to sell GE Stock? NO! Time To Buy

Oh! The business news is full of all kinds of news on the General Electric Company. The biggest part is about getting out of the Financial Services business.

Lot of Wall Street experts immediatley say sell your stock!

Our resident expert on GE, the Ancien Hippie (who will further comment on this story when “the dust settles”) feels that it is only following the pattern of “constant renewal” that has been going on since the company started in 1892.  In 1932, General Electric Capital Corporation was formed to help families buy home appliances. Then somebody got the idea that it could also finance jet engines. Then the whole thing just went viral. Now out it goes.

GE's Jeffery Immelt
GE’s Jeffery Immelt

Read CEO Jeffrey Immelt’s full story on what he is up to.  Read what he is telling employees and pensioners.

Immelt is going back to basics. He is concentrating on the “core businesses” that made General Electric great.

Others saw the problems with the GE Capital Corporation

If you have never seen a concise history of the General Electric Company, read here.

Nice to see that Jeffery Immelt is running the company, not Goldman Sachs and Warren Buffet


GM Plant in Massena, NY


General Motors (Central Foundry Division / Power Train Group) site in Massena, NY. The facility operated as an aluminum diecasting plant from 1959 to May 2009. The plant made aluminum casings for various under-the-hood car parts (engines, transmissions and cylinder heads). It was located on Chevrolet Road aka Chevrolet Drive (not adjacent to either of the two ALCOA plants, one a former Reynolds plant). There were no other GM facilities in Massena. It was about the only GM facility between Tarrytown and Boisbriand/Ste-Therese (North of Montreal). The site is claimed to be a “highly-polluted” and EPA is supplying $$$ to clean it up. Little does EPA know that it is GM policy to make sure no competitor ever gets to use it again.

The old Reynolds plant only existed to service the GM plant, and that’s never coming back. Actually, it’s a miracle that GM kept the Massena facility through…

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