Autumn night in #NYC 

bklyn in da house

A view of the Empire State Building from the #HighLine

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Show Your Allegiance …/…Safınız Belli olsun…/… Have a Blessed Friday…جمعة مباركة …Cumamız Mübarek Olsun & ♥


ant, semras


Nemrod lit a great fire in which to throw the Prophet Abraham. While a crow was carrying brushwood to throw into the fire, an ant was carrying some water.When the crow saw that the ant was carrying water,he asked the ant mockingly: “What are you going to do with that water?” When the ant said, “I’m carrying water to put out the fire into which they will throw Abraham,” the crow laughed and said: “The water you carry cannot possibly put out that huge fire.” The ant said, “That’s all right; I know it will not be sufficient,But I will have demonstrated my allegiance.”

Hz. İbrahim’i içine atmak niyetiyle büyük bir ateş yaktırmıştı Nemrut. Bu esnada bir karınca su taşırken bir karga ise ateşe atmak üzere çalı çırpı taşımaktaydı. Karıncanın su taşıdığını gören karga alaylı bir şekilde sordu karıncaya: “Ne yapacaksın o taşıdığın suyla?” Karınca, “İbrahim’i atacakları ateşi söndürmek için…

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Texas Pizza Worker Saves Kidnapped Child

The Feels

On July 9, Courtney Best, 26, stepped outside of the Papa Murphy’s pizza in Corpus Christi, Tx. where she works, for a quick cigarette. Instead of going out back—her normal routine–for a smoke, on this day, she stepped out front and the move may have saved child’s life.

“I stepped outside, I was standing by the trashcan, and I [saw] a white car pull up, and I just happen to take my phone with me, cause we don’t look at our phones at work, and I looked down and I saw ‘white Dodge Avenger Amber Alert,’ and I was like, ‘Nah, that’s not him,'”

Courtney Best Being Interviewed

The Amber Alert was for 7-year-old Nicolas Gomez who had been abducted from Alice, Tx.

Best told the news station that she saw the man who was with a child but still wasn’t convinced that the person was suspect.

“The man was walking across the parking…

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DoubleU = W


it’s always about creation –

to conjure something out of



but it’s never really been about




instead, it’s about giving up

or about sacrificing

just admitting that there’s

nothing wrong with letting

go of a small piece of



there is no creation

there is nothing new

only pieces scattered and



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The Truth About Weight Restoration


As I’ve mentioned before, anorexia is not about the weight. It’s about the Lie that is feeding her eating disorder, and causing her such intense self-hatred, which manifests itself in eating disorder behaviors. And that true healing comes only when that Lie – that Voice of ED – is silenced and replaced with the Truth: that she is loved. That she is good. That she’s not worthless and not a burden. That’s where true recovery takes place.

But let’s get down to brass tacks: Weight Restoration. It’s a hush hush topic in the recovery community because it is so triggering and, let’s be honest, you don’t want to talk about weight gain with girls who are terrified of that notion, and that you’re trying to convince to get treatment. But let’s face it: treatment and recovery require weight restoration.

After truly adopting recovery, two things were very apparent in my…

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