It’s A Party, It’s A Party, It’s A Party!

Polished by Amy

Hi loves!

Today is my birthday!! I’m finally 23 and I cannot believe time is going by so quickly! The fact that it’s already time for another birthday is blowing my mind. It’s also making me reflect on this past year of being 22 and how much I’ve grown.

This entire year has created major growth in my life both personally and professionally. I have done a lot more soul searching and have become completely confident in the person that I am. I know that is something that many twenty-somethings struggle with. I have found my confidence, spirituality, career goals, and life goals. I am no longer that young girl trying to find my way, and that feels liberating.I wanted to share somewhat of a “highlight reel” of the past year to celebrate new and even better things to come with being 23!

  • Landed my first ever publication in a

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DoubleU = W

you are the snowflake

among all snowflakes

there is none like you

you are truly unique

singularly special

all should marvel

at the wonder of you

bow at the monuments

you have erected

to your individuality

all other snowflakes

should censor every word

carefully tread with

each and every step

all for fear of offending

your unequaled sensibilities

their speech isn’t free

it must be regulated,

restrained, reprimanded,

restricted, met with reprisal

for you are the snowflake

and you must be protected

from those who would dare

to live as though you are

not their chief concern

for all they do may

be a means with which

to bring shame to you

for you are the snowflake

and you mustn’t be disturbed

even from afar

as the issue being discussed

must certainly be about you

for you are the snowflake

and we must all be mindful

of the circular logic

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The Raven's Nest

I wonder why and when do children stop asking?

It is nested in the higher ground above the sacred door.

Only one at a time can reach it through the snail staircase: an uneven wooden spiral. Alone you climb and all light is withdrawn. You can only face yourself and all your hopes to play it right.

There it is now, sitting on a narrow ledge with an outstanding view of the choirs steps. It is fragile and the heavy instrument seems so out of place in such a small space. A raven’s nest.

You made it finally, there is no higher and you know it, not even the preacher can order you. Master and commander of the flock’s voices towards all divinities, you have the power to ask, but you don’t. You won’t anymore, not because you know the answers, but because you accepted you will never know them.

Why and…

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When Power Plant Competition Turns Terribly Safe

Power Plant Men

I’m sure the plant manager at the Coal-fired Power Plant in North Central Oklahoma thought that a little competition might just do our Safety Program a little good.  The maintenance crews always knew what they were going to be doing first thing on Monday morning.  They were going to attend a Safety Meeting with their team.  All of the maintenance crews attended a team safety meeting every Monday morning to remind them to be safe during the week.  This had been going on for at least 9 years at the power plant.  Every Monday morning we all looked forward to the 30 minutes we would spend reminding ourselves to be safe that week.

It didn’t seem to matter if I was on the Summer Help yard crew, or a janitor, on the labor crew or an electrician.  The Monday Morning safety meetings were all pretty much the same.  Someone would…

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Congratulations On Your Engagement Jenn & Matt!

Through Open Lens


This past weekend I had the pleasure to shoot this lovely couple’s engagement photos. It has been so much fun working with them and I would like to wish them all the best in the future. Congratulations again Jenn & Matt!

engagement 1engagement 19engagement 16engagement 15engagement 14engagement 13engagement 12engagement 10engagement 8engagement 6engagement 5engagement 4engagement 3engagement 2

Interesting Fact:  The custom of giving engagement rings began as early as the Ancient Egyptian period. Engagement rings are traditionally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, because the Ancient Egyptian people believed that it contained a vein which led to the heart. ( )

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The Backbone of New York State’s High Speed Rail

Yes! New York State has such a great basis for high speed rail: the 4 Track New York Central Railroad that ran from New York City, through Albany  to Buffalo. Postcard at top shows the old main line going through Fonda.

Read more on ideas for high speed rail in New York State.

With help from Penney Vanderbilt