Connected Data Transporter trumps public cloud for users

Seeking a file-sharing and collaboration tool that offers efficient, remote access to storage, switch to the Connected Data Transporter.

One company adopted Dropbox to support more than 40 staff and volunteers that needed access to documents, photos and videos of church services.

“The hope was we could replace our internal storage with Dropbox,”  “We created a folder and people started to upload data, and it would sync to everyone’s hard drive. There was no way to turn it off and it filled up the hard drives on people’s small laptops.”

users had the option to access files via Dropbox’s Web interface.

“The navigation was clunky, so people stopped using it,” he said. “That was the issue.”


MBTA plots improvements to Worcester/Framingham commuter line

Massachusetts Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito yesterday announced a series of enhancements to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s (MBTA) Worcester/Framingham commuter-rail line.

The changes include the addition of nonstop train service between Union Station in Worcester and Boston beginning in May 2016.

“For the first time ever, nonstop train service between Worcester and Boston in under one hour will become a reality,” said Polito. “The new schedule will give commuters more options on an improved schedule that reflect the needs of today for both our residents and our economy.”

The nonstop service is expected to trim 30 minutes of travel time for Worcester Line riders, MBTA officials said in a news release.

Additionally, crews have begun the process of de-stresssing the rail, which is aimed at reducing the need for speed restrictions during periods of sustained, extreme heat. They’re also installing new rail and working on making the entire commuter-rail system more resilient during the winter, MBTA officials said.

Top Ten Reasons

The Lonely Author

Top Ten Reasons You Know You Are A Writer

10 – You overhear a conversation about a plot at the cemetery and your mind automatically thinks horror story.
9 – Your stories at the dinner table are always character driven.
8 – The question “What have you published?” can be as annoying as your third grade teacher running her fingernails across the chalkboard.
7 – You complain because the conversations at a dinner party sound nothing like dialogue.
6 – You assume exhibitionists are great writers since they prefer to show instead of tell.
5 – The last time you received this many rejections was at your senior prom.
4 – Every time you watch a good movie or finish a great book your first words are, “I wish I wrote that.”
3 – You miss your bus stop because you were too busy writing an imaginary description of the…

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Rocla Concrete Tie, Inc. To Construct Manufacturing Plant In Ft. Pierce, Florida

Rocla Concrete Tie, Inc., the largest supplier of pre-stressed concrete ties to North America’s freight and transit railroads, has entered in to a long-term supply agreement with All Aboard Florida and Florida East Coast Railway to supply railroad ties. The new agreement will require the construction of a new manufacturing facility in Ft. Pierce, Florida.
The new plant will supply ties to FECR, the All Aboard Florida project, as well as other transit agencies and railroads throughout the Southeast United States. It will be located along the existing FECR mainline in Fort Pierce. This location was chosen because Fort Pierce is the midway point between the major urban hubs of Orlando to the north and Miami to the south, making it the ideal point to manufacture and deliver ties to all of Florida’s growing rail operations, company officials said.

Vice President of Business Development, Brett Urquhart, said, “Rocla is excited to be part of this unique partnership between FECR and All Aboard Florida. The immediate need for concrete ties by the All Aboard Florida passenger rail project helped justify this investment, which will allow us to be an ongoing supplier to any other capital projects of All Aboard Florida & FECR, as well as use the FECR network to reach other customers in the future.”

“Building a new plant in Fort Pierce not only allows us to bring better value products to our key customers, but it will bring 42 full-time, well-paying jobs as well as tax revenue to the city,” he added. Construction on the new facility in Ft. Pierce will begin immediately and the production of concrete ties will start in early 2016.

The Florida East Coast Railway is a 351-mile freight rail system located along the east coast of Florida. It is the exclusive rail provider for Port Miami, Port Everglades, and Port of Palm Beach. FECR connects to the national railway system in Jacksonville, Florida, to move cargo originating or terminating there. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, FECR provides end-to-end intermodal and carload solutions to customers who demand cost-effective and premium quality.

“Producing concrete crossties in Florida is nothing new for FECR,” said Senior Vice Engineering, Mechanical and Purchasing, Fran Chinnici. “This new plant and our continued relationship with Rocla provides us with a very high quality product and restores the level of productivity and cost effectiveness we have been missing for several years.”

Central New England Railway Getting New Signal Tower at Hopewell Junction


For many years we have covered the historic Central New England Railway. Since 2006 we have covered their bus tours of the old railroad right-of-way. We have always covered the restoration of the Hopewell Junction depot.

Now they have a new and ambitious project. A new signal tower! The Tower Crowdfunding effort is now live on CauseVox and they have a Tower page on their web site!
Support the Hopewell Depot Tower Build campaign!
Learn more about the tower fundraising campaign on CauseVox.

The statement below explains their plans:

Almost 20 years ago, we began an all-volunteer effort to save Hopewell Junction’s last-standing railroad building. We opened that to the public in 2012.

Now we want to continue showcasing the community’s industrial past and also add the first high-quality restrooms to the adjacent Dutchess Rail Trail.With your help, we will build a replica of the switching tower…

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Electric Company Substation Transformer Shooter

Power Plant Men

There has been reports on the news this week about someone who has been shooting transformers in PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric) substations in California.  It is interesting that the national news is picking up this story now even though the FBI has been investigating similar attacks since December, and even earlier attacks against PG&E as early as last April, 2013.

These reports always catch my attention because back in the early 1990’s, the electric company where I worked in Oklahoma had their own episode when a shooter was going around shooting at substation transformers, and high voltage electric lines.  At that time it was OG&E, not PG&E that was being plagued by someone that seemed to be randomly attacking the electric grid.

Back in early 1993, the first transformer that was shot by a high powered rifle using armor piercing bullets was in the middle of Stillwater Oklahoma near…

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Underbelly Of Heron Quays Station #0812

Don Charisma

One of the stations at London’s docklands, Heron Quays …

looks like the underbelly of some kind of futuristic dragon !

Enjoy 🙂

fine-art-america-logoDon Charisma is on FineArtAmerica, FineArtEngland and FineArtEurope – if you’d like to purchase a print of this photo click here – Don Charisma at (delivery worldwide)



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