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Venus on Flames

I love love love poems; I love reading them and I love writing poems. Pablo Neruda is one of my favorite poets and he definitely sits at the top of the list. He is quite an erotic poetry kind of poet but he captures the heart of eroticism and love rather than the vulgarity of it, setting himself apart from other poets and making him such a special poet. Today someone sent me this poem and even though I’m such a hardcore Neruda fan, I hadn’t read this poem before… It’s just beautiful. This is how a real man should feel about and treat the woman he claims he loves. Like a queen.

The Queen

I have named you queen.

There are taller than you, taller.

There are purer than you, purer.

There are lovelier than you, lovelier.

But you are the queen.
When you go through the streets


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Board approves All Aboard Florida bonds

A private company seeking to build rail service between Orlando and Miami has passed its biggest test so far.

Board members from the Florida Development Finance Corp. approved $1.75 billion in bonds to finance the All Aboard Florida project. All Aboard Florida wants to connect Miami with Orlando International Airport, with two stops in between.

Several hundred people showed up for Wednesday night’s hearing, including many opposed to the train. Some said it will create noise and safety problems, while others said it will be a traffic reliever and jobs builder.

Leaders from Martin, Indian River and St. Lucie counties asked board members to reject the request during their board meeting in Orlando. They have unsuccessfully sued to stop the project.

All Aboard Florida’s route would pass through those counties but does not stop in them.

Leaders in those counties said the train would create noise, traffic and public safety concerns.

A group called Citizens Against Rail Expansion (CARE) Florida attended Wednesday’s meeting to voice its concerns as well.

CARE Florida members said they wanted the vote postponed because of the cost and because they believe the FDFC has not been acting transparently and openly.

The bonds will be a loan that the privately owned All Aboard Florida rail company will have to repay. Critics said FDFC would get $1.8 million from the deal.

It could become the second-largest bond issue in the state, behind the $2 billion that was approved for the I-4 Ultimate project.

All Aboard Florida officials said the new train service would maximize convenience for travelers in central and south Florida, and create approximately 10,000 construction jobs. The train from Miami to Orlando would travel 235 miles each way with 16 daily round trips and handle 14,000 daily riders by the year 2020.

The train would run along existing freight tracks owned by Florida East Coast Railway, but new tracks would be constructed in Brevard and Orange counties.

Even though the project is billed as a privately financed train, Orlando International Airport is building a $214 million train depot, paid for almost entirely by Florida taxpayers, that will accommodate All Aboard’s trains, a new people-mover and a future SunRail connection.

Construction has already begun on a Miami central station, and Siemens is under contract to build and operate the trains. The train service could begin operations in early or mid-2017 in South Florida and would stretch to Orlando by the end of the year.

Keep a goal in mind, save yourself from drowning

Words dipped in Happiness

Gravity plays an important in keeping us grounded on earth, similarly goals and responsibilities are important in keeping us safe and grounded from the wind of moments and flying time.

Quote #1 :

Just like you need a pole or a wooden log to keep yourself safe from drowning in the waves of water, you need a goal or a purpose of life to keep yourself safe from flowing with the tides of time and moments flowing with an enormous speed. If you take responsibilities as weight you will drown in depths of darkness in life and if you take them so lightly, you will fly with winds of time.

                                  – Jackie Jain


Image source: Thailand

Just like the Universe is travelling in space, Earth is travelling in Universe and we are travelling on Earth, similarly Time is also travelling with moments. Keeping all these things in mind…

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Why the government should not be the Big Innovator

Musings of a traveller

A few weeks ago I got published with an article I wrote about the role governments can and cannot play in stimulating innovation. I responded to a piece that Rutger Bregman posted for the De Correspondent about the biggest inventor and innovator in the world: the government. He claims that governments are responsible for all major technological breakthroughs in the past 100 years and that they are the ultimate venture capitalists. The government should take a stronger role as a technological innovator at the expense of the free market.

Dangerous nonsense.

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Epitome of Bullshit

freeing thoughts

Let’s skip the first few parts –
the cheesy lines that weren’t smart,
discounted gifts right from the start –
’cause, honey, we’ve fallen apart

Yet still, you haunt me in my dreams
Oh yes, you make me want to scream
(No, not in bed, you were too selfish)
I can’t believe we thought of marriage!

Just like a poem without a rhyme
Loving you was just a crime
You are the Epitome of Bullshit
Breaking your promises lickety-split!

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