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It’s long been Barataria’s position that energy independence, followed closely by a decrease in reliance on limited resources, is a very wise policy. The key question is resilience, which is to say the economy’s ability to weather any storm and still provide basic services. Food and energy should not become expensive overnight because of political concerns or currency shifts.

Getting to this point is a bit more controversial, however. Even the paltry $29B spent in 2013 as subsidies for renewable energies has become a political football. That amount comes to $236 per household, which is to say about 5% of what we spend on defense. Nevermind, it seems like a lot.

But according to a new study by the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), that’s almost exactly what we spend in subsidy to fossil fuels. And by global standards we’re actually doing far more than our share.

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For about a year now, I have had the following quote on my desk:

“…you have a right to be here. You have a right to thrive. You have a right to extraordinary blessings. You are an Heiress to the Kingdom. You should never feel guilty about receiving that good coming into your life. You’ve put a lot of energy into your growth. Yes, you’ve failed at times. Yes, you’ve made mistakes. But what matters is you kept going. You grew the courage to face another day. So be unapologetic about enjoying the fruits of your labor. Don’t shrink back so others won’t feel insecure around you. Instead, own your highness; shine your brilliant light and be a dazzling example of what is possible…” – Molesey Crawford

It already happened, you can’t take it back. Own whatever happened as part of your journey and either be proud of it or chuck…

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New York Central Snow Blower

Getting to be that time when railroads see snow.

How many jet snow blowers were there? Apparently quite a few. In reading this GE Reports installment in which they talk with the former NY Central assistant director of technical research Don Wetzel (of Jet RDC fame), I discovered Wetzel personally designed and held the patents on the jet snow blowers. He told GE the blowers had been used on railroads all over the U.S.  Wetzel mentioned — in connection with the Jet RDC but I’m sure this also applies to the snow units — that the J47 turbojet engine is rated at a powerful 5,000 hp. Another factor was cost. About 30,000 J47 engines were produced between 1948 and 1956 (when the engine went out of production), so by 1960 serviceable engines could be acquired on the surplus market at reasonable prices.

One of Mr. Wetzel’s creations (X29493) is shown at the top.

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I Think I’m On The Right Track

Through Open Lens

Light Rail

F/ 14.0 , 25.0, ISO 200.

Day 320 / 365

What do you call a train that eats toffee?

A chew, chew train.

Interesting Fact: The system began operating its first segment in April 2000, expanded in phases during the next decade, and was completed with the opening of its southern terminus on January 31, 2011. The line generally runs parallel to the Hudson River and Upper New York Bay, while its northern end and its western branch travel through the lower Hudson Palisades. HBLR has twenty-four stations along a total track length of just over 34 miles (55 km) and serves over 54,000 weekday passengers.[1] There are plans for expansion through extensions and additional stations. ( )

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Another Company Leaves CT

The Arts Mechanical

This is how you lose  diversity in the state, company by company, business after business.

With the Litchfield hills and Connecticut in our rear-view mirror as we move our 101-year-old manufacturing company to South Carolina, we are nostalgic, excited, and disappointed.

We love Torrington and Connecticut but not all the things the General Assembly and the governor have done to induce us to leave family and friends behind. After more than a century of manufacturing in Connecticut, we are not looking for handouts.

We have paid our fair share, but enough is enough.

Connecticut’s high cost of doing business and its anti-employer attitude have finally driven us out. We are not moving for any government incentives.

Consider these facts:

• We sold our 50,000-square-foot building for enough money to buy a 100,000-square-foot building — and still had enough money left to pay for the transport of 100 trailer loads of machinery…

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To change or not to change

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time-for-change (1)

“Don’t be afraid of change. You might lose something good, but you’ll gain something better ”

A quotation that is easy to read and write but definitely hard to do. Oxford says change means “Make or become different:”

For me change is one of the two inevitable things in life the second one is death. Why someone wanted change?. There are lot of reasons for sure why we want change. Maybe we are tired to our present status quo. We wanted something better something that will surpass what we have now.

Change is everywhere now we have sun later there will be moon, Today there is a bright sky tomorrow there will be a wrathful storm. But sometimes change is a choice. You want to stay where you are or you will take a step to move backward or forward to achieve change.

When things got worst and everything’s seems…

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