Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

What is love
Passion cove
What is hate
Emotions sate
What is fate
Destiny date
What is life
Flux and strife
What is affection
Resigned attention
What is desire
Something I admire
What is lust
Kissing must
What is strength
Patience at length
What is weak
A quick squeak
Friends, foes?
High and lows
What is work
Sitting dork
Or, Perhaps,
What is love
Burning stove
What is hate
Snakes crate
What is fate
God’s bait
What is life
Dissatisfaction rife
What is death
Poison dripped
Sword in sheath

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CRUCIFY! by Carl Gooch

By the Mighty Mumford

It was my sin that cried out crucify, crucify;
It was because of me, my savior had to die.
Only the purest of pure could pay the price,
Only the Lamb of God could be the sacrifice.
I thought I was so wise, I thought I was sly;
But I could not pay, sins debt was too high.
To the wicked way of the world I was a slave;
He was the only one who had the power save.
I seemed doomed, so deeply lost in sin was I;
Without His love and mercy I would surely die.
Though I didn’t deserve it, mercy he did show;
He suffered and died so forgiveness I may know.
It was my sin that cried out crucify, crucify;
It was because of me, my savior had to die.
Only the purest of pure could pay the price,

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An Alaskan Christmas

Pacific Paratrooper

Aleutian Christmas Aleutian Christmas

CHIPLEY, Fla. (Tribune News Service) — A 10-inch blanket of snow covered Fort Richardson, Alaska, when Oscar “Buck” Buchanan first arrived in October 1942.

“To some of us Florida boys, this was an experience,” Buchanan wrote in an account detailing his service during World War II that he mailed to The News Herald. “The train was late [to pick us up] and we were told it was due to moose, who would use the tracks for walking through a tunnel made of snow and couldn’t get off the tracks.”

106th Engineers 106th Engineers

This is where Buchanan, a private in the National Guard, spent most of World War II with the Company D, Second Battalion, 106th Engineers.

Two years earlier, Buchanan, then 22, left West Bay with his friend Alex Hinote to enlist.

“At that time, I either had to volunteer into the service or be drafted,” he said.


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Black Friday

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

This poem is an old favorite from 2011.  Enjoy!

‘Twas a long time ago, longer now than it seems,
That the holiday season was crafted from dreams.
There were visions of friendship and light through the land
As if darkness itself had been thoroughly banned.
But the times closed around as the blackness enveloped
And the victory of dark very slowly developed.

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