TYM revision has been the pain in the ass. It has been dragged on for a month without much progress. My half-hearted effort reveals its true caliber: it is mainly a practice paper, the kind the MM journal slights. Even if we overcome this bias, we still need to pass another hurdle—beat the CDM paper, published on the same topic. Hence, the revision is a high risk, heavy up-front investment, without much promise of return.

Personally, I would just let it go: the opportunity cost would be too high; already, one month has been sunk. But there are two other coworkers involved, who have invested a lot of time. Giving up would make me guilty.

If redemption is the only purpose, then I shall not waste more time: set the limit of one week, write every afternoon, and regardless the outcome, that’s it. Technically, I must eliminate the overlapping part…

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The Night Air: Buzzing the Grounds

Wide Awake But Dreaming

For me, starting anything new–a story, a chapter, a scene–is always difficult.  Not to mention that Wednesday night is usually when I stop off for dinner and a few adult beverages, and last night being no exception, it was really difficult getting my butt going on the next scene.

Really, for something like getting this new stuff going, I really need to sit in a room with everything off save the music and just jam away.  Sort of like I’m doing now, with the buds in listening to Nine Inch Nails’ Head Like a Hole blast into my ears.  Why am I listing to this?  Because it’s a song that’s gonna play during one of the various excursions Annie and Kerry go out on when they’re flying about wherever they fly.  And that deals with a scene that won’t come up for a while, but me, I gotta get into it…

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What Would Macy’s Be Without The Wooden Escalators

The Arts Mechanical

I’ve been in Macy’s Flagship store at Herald Square many times and I’ve always wondered about those clunky wooden escalators.  Well the NY Times has a story here about them.


They are an interesting nostalgic find buried in the huge store and a contrast to the newness of all that fashion.  They are a fun ride and I’m glad they are being retained.

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आ रहा है नया साल

Apoorv Agarwal

New year (2016) is coming….so wish uh all a very Happy & prosperous New Year ahead….with loads of love xx


आ रहा है नया साल
बनाने जीवन को और खुशहाल

होंगी जीवन में प्यार भरे लम्हों की बरसात
आएंगी अब बस खुशियों की सौगात

छूट गया पुराना बनके यादें
करुँगा पूरे जो किए हैं खुद से वादें

जुड़ेंगे जीवन के सफर में कई रिश्तें नए
ना मनाओ गम जो साथ अपना छोड़ गए

क्या होगा जीवन में उससे तो हैं सब अनजान
तो क्यों भविष्य से डरके करे तू खुद को परेशान

बस रखना याद वो हर सीख जो संसार ने सिखाई
जो अपनाली वो सीख तो देगा वो तेरे व्यक्तित्व में दिखाई

हूँ शुक्रगुजार प्रभु का जिसने अपनी करुणा हमपर बरसाई
देता हूँ सबको मै नए साल की दिल से बहुत-बहुत बधाई

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With help from Penney Vanderbilt