Eye Witness Account for Leyte

AMTRAC (alligator) is still with us!

Pacific Paratrooper

AMTRAC (alligator)

As November 1944 is coming to a close, the 2nd Battalion/187th Regiment/11th Airborne Division moved up from Bito Beach to the mountains just west of Burauen and it’s an eye-opener for the men.  This is the account of CWO William Nelson, personnel officer of the 2nd. wrote:

The Second was literally ferried to the new position in those strange vehicles called amtracs.  Enroute, we stared like yokels at a starlet, as we crossed the coastal plain between Dulag and Burauen, for up to this time, we had no idea of the magnitude of the American effort on Leyte.

Soldiers in a field hospital, P.I., WWII

We passed ammunition dumps by the dozen; 155 batteries; truck battalions; field hospitals and many special-unit headquarters.  Finally, as we neared Burauen, we clanked past airstrips jammed  with P-38’s.  All these installations were literally bogged down in the mud.  In fact, the typhoons…

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New Cookie Butter Ice Cream Flavor – and Carvel’s Annual Free Cone Day in NYC

Mary in Manhattan

You can try Carvel’s new soft cookie butter ice cream for free today through 8:00 p.m. at Carvel locations. Deets are here. Oh, you can also get chocolate or vanilla if you want to be boring, but I would recommend trying something with a lil’ more flair.

Carvel had an amazing immersive media event a few weeks ago, and I got to try their new Cookie Butter ice cream flavor. The new flave comes through this INGENIOUS partnership with Lotus Biscoff (THE cookie butter company that many of us know, love, and frequently eat on its own).

IMG_9352 2.JPG My Carvel/Lotus flight attendants on my immersive ice cream journey

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Thursday Doors – Pittsburgh Leftovers

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No Facilities

Is Kennywood Open?

A busy couple of weeks, and a door research project that yielded more questions than answers has left me without the doors I was planning to share today. So, like any good little protégé of Norm, I’m reaching into the junk drawer of door photos for a few good photos that failed to make the editor’s cut on an earlier post.

The title is clear, today’s doors are left over from the various door posts that resulted from the family gathering in Pittsburgh last November. Faith and I drove to Pittsburgh from Connecticut, while my brother drove over from Iowa. After a little more than 48 hours of eating, drinking, cheering and sighing the deep sigh that only losing to Dallas can cause, we all headed home.

I explained most of the doors in the captions. You can click on any photo in the gallery to start…

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Dreamspinner Extraordinaire

She is long gone
But her presence lingers

I smell her in your silken sheets
A hint of cinnamon and vanilla
And something else I can’t place

I hear her laughter when the wind
Coax music out of the door chimes

I feel her gentle hands
Everytime I take out your coffee mugs
And rinse the ceramic bowls

But her imprint is too strong
In the quiet of the night

Each time we try to forget
By drowning the past in a kiss
I taste her name in your lips

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For eternal joy

So mechanical and showy

Is the creation of our conditioned mind  which wanders wildly

In the of wilderness

Of false identifications

With worldly possessions

In search of elusive happiness

Factually living in an infected reality.


Genuine calmness

Mixed with charm

Could be attained

When we adopt

Simplicity as our attitude

In our daily life activities

For establishing a kingdom of peace

Within our being itself.


It is the simplicity

Of our unadulterated being within

Simple but pure and plain

Even with all the symptoms of awareness

Which makes a person pure internally

But looks quite simple externally

Also, simpletons are dear to our Creator

Simply because they’re simple characters.


Simplicity means; following a way of living which is bereft of any complications, ease with which to conduct our self, to please with your etiquette and not to antagonize others…

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Why There Was An Air War In WW1

The Arts Mechanical

Ran into a couple of sites that are not seemingly related, but actually are. Sometimes the drama of something distorts the real history and we lose the perspectives  as time goes forward.  Most of the stories you hear about the battles in the air during the Great War will concentrate on brave flying heroes and their flying machines. But the battles in their existed for a reason and it’s important to remember what that reason was.

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5 Random Thoughts I’ve Had Today #87

How To Get Things Done in 10 Ways

My weekly post for some entertainment; for myself and all of you!

1. One of the most vulnerable moments in life is when you sit down on the toilet in a public place and look over at the door to find that you forgot to lock it! You might as well be peeing with the door open. That’s how that feels.

2. When you think about it, and I mean really think about it, fears are weird. Like, it’s weird that we’re afraid of things. Isn’t it? Why are we afraid of things? And I’m talking about those fears like spiders, and heights, and small spaces. In the grand scheme of things, it’s kind of silly.

3. Let’s think about the planet for a second….we constantly keep building new things, new cars, new technology, new buildings, but what about all the OLD things?! Where is all of that going to…

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