MAX ROACH » Nommo (Drums Unlimited, 1966)

Jazz You Too

Max Roach – drums

Freddie Hubbard – trumpet James Spaulding – alto saxophone

Ronnie Mathews – piano Jymie Merritt – bass

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Moon over morning fog


My oldest daughter

driving to work

sent this to me,

It was last week ~

Full hunter moon.

Harvest Moon.

Her husband was behind

the wheel, just in case

you were worried!

This is a foggy morning.

Hope you have a mysterious

or mystical Friday the 13th. . .


“The home gardener is

part scientist,

part artist,

part philosopher,

part ploughman.”

~ John R. Whiting,

American garden writer

(1914 – 1998)

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What I Really Want

A Blog or Two

Don’t you really know what you want? Or you actually know, yet you can’t afford?

Many times, I have been asked about what I really want to be, and if I can remember correctly, each time, I answered “I do not know.” But little do they know, that what my answer was a white lie. It could be true, though, for some people to not know what they really want to or to do, because there are a couple of things they want to do they end up being unable to start one thing. But for me, I actually know what I want. I want to say I want to be a cook.  I want to be an entrepreneur. I want to land a job I can do at home because I find traveling from home to work a time-wasted. I started my blog to express my personal thoughts but as…

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The Reluctant Volunteer

No Facilities

Note: This visit to the bar is also part of Linda G. Hills Stream of Consciousness Saturday challenge.

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: ‘vol.’ Find a word with ‘vol’ in it, and use it in your post. Have fun!”

If we were having a beer, we would soon be missing Cheryl.

“Can I help you guys?”

“Whoa, where’s Cheryl?”

“Cheryl’s on vacation.”

“She was supposed to be back today.”

“She got involved with Hurricane Irma. She was delayed in Atlanta. I volunteered to cover for her.”

“He doesn’t mean the third degree. He’s a creature of habit. For example, he’ll have a Yuengling. I’ll have a Woodford Reserve. “

“Perfect. You want a glass for that beer?”

“Yes, thanks. I didn’t mean to question you like that. We were just expecting Cheryl.”

“It’s OK, I’ve been getting that all day. Her customers…

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On A Bus Home, Accompanied by Springsteen

The mysterys of the Tappan Zee Bridge!

Kaleidoscope Eyes

Especially significant to the artist: her watercolor painting "Coming home on the Tappan Zee" /© Donna Davies Timm Especially significant to the artist: her watercolor painting “Coming home on the Tappan Zee” /© Donna Davies Timm

October 1975. “Born to Run” is blasting on the bus radio, as we Westchesterites and Long Islanders fly through Rockland County. The SUCO bus left Oneonta at 4 p.m., and we’re due to arrive at the County Center at 8:30 p.m.

Then we see it, the Tappan Zee Bridge. While I’m glad to be back for the weekend — and looking forward to catching up with friends I’ve not seen in two months — I’m unprepared for the little shiver that runs through me.

I chose the upstate New York college for its nutrition program, then wondered what made me think chemistry would be easier than in high school? The following year I transferred to community college, switched majors, and worked part-time.

The bridge was nearly 20, the average age…

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With help from Penney Vanderbilt