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What Does It Take To Have A Good WebSite?

Creating a website with good design for your business is not enough. Your website must have at least  few of the features which are very essential for your website, which will make the user experience easy. This will make the user stay on your website, which in turn will reduce “bounce rate” of your website.

Following features a website must have:

1. A Logical Road-map
2. Crucial Business Information
3. Contact Information
4. Clear Navigation
5. Security
6. Social Media Integration
7. A Mobile-Ready Version
8. FAQ
9. Good Hosting


Avoid use of music and flash in your website.

There many more important features. So keep in mind while developing your website, developers must have knowledge about these things. Else you can outsource website development project to some good company.


Dear Photographers: Do not Dare to Create Your Own Websites!

Irina Logra

I often hear from other photographers that there is no need to have a personal website. They insist a Facebook profile or a page on is the perfect portfolio for sharing with their clients. Some believe that an artist focused on marketing is in bad form.

Does photographer need a personal website?

“Let money hunt for geniuses, not geniuses hunt for money!” say my colleagues, feeding social networks with their latest masterpiece. Then they comfort themselves in a cosy recliner and celebrate each single “like” with a sip of wine.

Life would be totally different if they realized these things:

1. А Facebook profile cannot replace an entire website. It is the perfect platform for informal communication, but there are many clients who never use it and never will. Linkedin and Instagram is the same thing. A potential client opens a link to view a portfolio, but have no clue where to click and how…

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