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The Clash, The Stray Cats, Bobby Fuller : I Fought The Law

great history!

The Immortal Jukebox

‘I wrote it in my living room in West Texas ones sandstormy afternoon. It took me about 20 minutes’ (Sonny Curtis)

West Texas is wide open.

When the wind blows, and it blows a lot, sand storms swirl.

After February 3rd 1959 there was another sound in the swirling sandy wind.

The sound of a Ghost – the Ghost of Buddy Holly.

Buddy Holly’s music woke deep passions and ambitions in a Minnesota kid who locked eyes with him in one of the last concerts he ever played.

Buddy Holly’s music woke deep passions and ambitions in two Liverpool teenagers who wanted to write and play their own songs and have a group just like The Crickets.

Buddy was the greatest Rock ‘n’ Roller ever to come out of Texas and though his sound echoes all over the world it’s in Texas that his Ghost speaks loudest.

Speaking in the…

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Prediabetes: it does exist

I’ve come across a number of opinions on the net about whether prediabetes exists and felt compelled to write about it.

After having done a bit of research, I came to the conclusion that it does in fact exist.  Confirmed by ADA, WebMD along with the other respectable sites.

American Diabetes Association states that there is such thing as prediabetes.  Currently there is no stage 1;  I wonder who made it up.

Prediabetes means that you have a high risk for developing a full-blown diabetes, so you better do the right things such as watching your carbs, exercising, drinking water etc.  There are specific test values to confirm it.

Prediabetes is diagnosed when A1C is between 5.7% and 6.4%.  My A1C numbers were always below 6.4%.   A1C test measures the average blood glucose for the past 2 to 3 months.  There are a few other tests that have prediabetes values…

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Serendipity - Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

I reread the letter from this engineer and I realized suddenly, with a certain horror, what it means to me, to you, to all of us who have been here for a while and built sites.

WordPress decided to change their algorithm so that “new, fresh material” will get pushed up to the top of the search engine and everything else — like me and you, for example — will go to the bottom. Instead of promoting blogs with solid statistics and followers, they are pushing the latest thing, whoever has just opened a new blog and … well … as someone already said: “Who made this decision? What do they mean by ‘relevant’?”

Some engineer. Maybe a developer. Someone — 25-years old?

Here’s the core of the letter I got. You might want to read it twice because he is talking about all of us. Please note that the…

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Serendipity - Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

Premature vs. Post-mature

Premature indicates a time “before maturity” has imposed itself. Like –“childhood” or “infancy.” Or still budding, yet not bloomed.

Personally, I am post-mature. I flowered, then I got old and my petals fell off. No amount of putting stuff in the water is going to fix it.

Right now, I’m dealing with a lot of stuff. Getting the car fixed from a small but significant accident. This requires setting up a time with the appraiser, renting a car, making a date with the repair shop — at least a four-way deal. It’s also long past the point of finding out exactly which surgery Garry is supposed to be getting for his ear, not to mention and finding out about the technology.

We need to get the chimney fixed though I’m assured it will survive at least one more winter, or so we hope.

There’s a lot…

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Premature is happening

I am sitting at an intersection and waiting for the longest red light in the world to change to green, while someone is urging me to make a premature left turn before the change takes place. How I ended up here is another story.

After years of disability and now retirement, I have found a job. Yay. I am working for an agency who will send me to take care of older folks in their homes. Mary (not her real name) is my first case. I am driving her around and the last stop is a local Target where she bought gifts for her grandchildren. Coming out of Target and boom, the longest red light in the world is staring at us.

Pixabay 1 red traffic light with text

We’re waiting and waiting and no green light on the horizon. I didn’t time it but it was awfully long. Mary goes, there’s something wrong with this light…

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May Birthdays


Happy birthday to all people

born in the month of May!

🎈 🎂 🎈

I’m glad to say

this to my brother,

Randall D. Oldrieve. He’s

18 months younger and still

one of my best friends ever.

He’s turning 61 today!


Aren’t those great digits?

Randy spent Sunday evening having

an early birthday meal shared with

our other brother, Rich, his wife

Susan and my Mom was taken

over to join the festivities.

I didn’t ask the menu, since he

and I will get together on the

Thursday before the holiday

Memorial Day weekend.

I will work and then,

head up on Wednesday.

It’s​ all new but am readjusting!

They will all get used to it, too.

We actually work on Sunday

and Monday over that weekend.

Randy likes a natural diet; no

birthday cake for him!

He does enjoy a beer,

ale or mixed drink:

So, raise a…

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