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POTUS: Lincoln and NY Central Trains


So what does Abraham Lincoln have to do with the New York Central Railroad?

The plaque at the top tells it all. He rode the NY Central to his inauguration and again to his buriel.

Plaque in honor of President Lincoln at 414 W. 30th Street in NY City

It is at the site of the Hudson River Railroad’s New York City passenger station. Lincoln arrived here February 19, 1861 on his route to be inaugurated in Washington DC as President of the United States. After his assination Lincoln’s body went through here April 25, 1865. The Hudson River Railroad became part of the New York Central & Hudson River Railroad and moved it’s main station to what became Grand Central Terminal. The old Hudson River Railroad line in the city became the West Side Freight Line.

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Leaders Begin Arriving in Riyadh for Arab-Islamic-US Summit

Truth Troubles: Why people hate the truths' of the real world


Saudi Arabia

Leaders Begin Arriving in Riyadh for Arab-Islamic-US Summit

The leaders and heads of delegations of Arab and Islamic countries began arriving in Riyadh on Saturday to attend the Arab-Islamic-US summit that will be held in the Saudi capital the next day during US President Donald Trump’s visit.

Trump and the Arab and Muslim leaders will meet on Sunday to address ways of building more robust and effective security partnerships to counter and prevent the growing threat of terrorism and violent extremism around the globe through promoting tolerance and moderation.

Among those who arrived were Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, President Adama Barrow of Gambia, President Roch Marc Christian Kabore of Burkina Faso, the head of the Libyan National Accord, Fayez al-Sarraj, President Alpha Conde of Guinea, President Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone, President Alassane…

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Rail Freight In Connecticut: The Service Providers


The Branford Steam Railroad

    is an industrial railroad serving the Tilcon Connecticut, Inc. stone quarry and provides service between its trap rock quarry in North Branford and its barge loading facility on Long Island Sound in the Stony Creek section of Branford. The railroad has an interchange with P&W on the shoreline in Branford, and loads ballast trains for Amtrak. Most of the carloads of stone products are destined for Tilcon/Buchanan Marine barges that ultimately deliver the stone products to Long Island, New York, although significant amounts are shipped by rail to metropolitan New York City. Tilcon also supplies its asphalt and concrete plants in Connecticut from the North Branford quarry.

    Central New England Railroad (CNZR)

is a short line railroad that operates in Connecticut over the Department’s Griffin Industrial Track between Hartford and Windsor (8.7 miles), and over the Department’s Armory Branch Line between South Windsor and the Massachusetts…

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Train Riding Around Dublin (with photos)


By Noel T. Braymer

During my 2 week vacation in Dublin in the first half of May this year, I did what I often do: ride the local trains. I don’t consider myself a railfan as such. But there is much to learn about a city and a region from its transportation system. Also there is much to learn from other regions from their successes and their failures. Dublin is an old city and has a high population density. The result of this much of the development was done in the past without zoning laws. So you find housing, businesses, pubs, shops and factories all mixed together. A result of this is it is a short walk for people to stores, doctor offices, housing, pubs and jobs in many cases. There is heavy use of bus service. Routing is often confusing since the road system is not a grid system…

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HYPERLOOP ONE Keeps Getting Smarter. Soon They Will HYPERLOOP!


Our Company.

Called many things: In the HYPERLOOP World: “The Muhammad Ali HYPERLINK”
Our major project is a HYPERLOOP between Louisville, Kentucky and Chicago

We have always been associated with HYPERLOOP ONE

Always been concerned with HYPERLOOP ONE financing, so we are investing time, thoughts, love with VENTURE CAPITAL people.

HYPERLOOP ONE is growing staff and now able to communicate great ideas with us indians: Three Smart Takes On Hyperloop, The Global Supply Chain, And The Infinite Suburb

To celebrate Infrastructure Week, we hosted a series of conversations with people who have ideas for making the global economy more productive, competitive, and safe. Bottom line: It’s time to invest in new ways to move people and goods. It’s #TimeToBuild.

Q&A: Geo-strategist And Best-selling Author Parag Khanna:
The Emerging Global Power That Knows No Borders

Building Big Projects Requires Big Thinking

What is Hyperloop? It’s the next mode of transportation…

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The Canal Line In New Haven


The old New Haven to Northhampton line was started in 1846, when the New Haven & Northampton Canal Co. was authorized to build a railroad to replace the canal.

In 1848, the NH&N was leased to the NY&NH (before the NY&NH bought the NH&H to create the NY,NH & H0) who operated it until 1869, then the NH&N ran it until 1887, when the NH bought it, they ran passenger trains until 1929, but until 1969, when the PC got it it was mostly intact (The New Hartford to Collinsville branch was abandoned in 1958, the Shelburne Junction to South Deerfield was gone by 1923, and the rest of the line -South Deerfield toNorthampton – in 1943 and the Willamsburg to Florence in 1962 was abandoned, but the main line was in use). In 1969 PC abandoned the Collinsville to Farmington branch, along with the Florence – Easthampton branch and…

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Lehigh Valley Railroad Was Important In New York State


Most of us do not realize that the Lehigh Valley Railroad crossed NY State.

Yes, it was important in New York City. It owned the Starret-Lehigh Building.

But it’s flagship passenger train the Black Diamond; cut right through the state.

From 1896 until 1959 the flagship passenger train on the Lehigh Valley Railroad was the Black Diamond Express. Before there were commercial air routes, the fastest way to get from New York City to Buffalo was by train.

The Lehigh Valley Railroad was one of several anthracite coal railroads that arose in eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York in the 1850s. In the next few decades the Lehigh Valley acquired several “short lines.” In 1892, the Lehigh Valley secured its own direct route between the Atlantic seaboard and Buffalo on Lake Erie, giving the railroad direct access to the Great Lakes as an expanding market for its Pennsylvania coal.

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