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National Brand

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

Around the surprisingly excellent Superbowl we have the usual display of ads. It’s one of the features of the big event – and for some the main event. But what do these over-produced ads usually bring the advertisers who are spending $20M and more for a minute?

Most of them are here to “build the brand,” or improve the image of the company more than actually sell a product. Anyone who has been in marketing for any length of time will roll their eyes at the idea. It’s usually an excuse for the worst excesses of advertising, the small telenovelas which are really money pretty much down the drain. Targeted advertising, driven by “Big Data,” is what really sells products, after all.

Still, branding is an important exercise all around. People are willing to pay more for a product they feel good about – whether that is corporate responsibility, perception…

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RAF North Pickenham – The Worst Record of the Eighth

Aviation Trails

There were many airfields in the eastern region of England during the Second World War, and countless crews were lost flying in combat operations. Undeterred and undaunted by these losses, many continued the brave fight to release Europe from the evil grip that was slowly strangling it. Loses were high, but at one particular airfield, the loses of one Group were the highest, and of those that came here, few were to return home alive.

In Trail 9 we visit RAF North Pickenham, an airfield with a short life, but one with a terrible tale of loss and sacrifice.

RAF North Pickenham (Station 143)

RAF North Pickenham was built in the later part of the Second World War (1943/44) and was officially handed over to the USAAF, 492nd Bomb Group (BG), on May 22nd 1944, by an RAF Officer during a ceremonial hand-over parade. This handover would see the culmination…

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Top Five Thai Restaurants in New York City

Mary in Manhattan

People come to New York for the cocktail bars, the Halal Guys, the Pastrami and the hot dogs…but they should come for the Thai food. It’s delicious, it’s hard to make in your own kitchen, and it’s affordable. I am super duper serious when I say these are the top five Thai restaurants in New York City, and you’d be smart to put at least one of them on your list when you visit.

Most adventurous 

Uncle Boons has frog legs, bone marrow, betel leaves, pig ears, snails and sweetbreads. Some of you may say “LET’S TRY IT ALL,” which is what I did. Highly suggest the bone marrow satay with peanut sauce and the betel leaf wrap. To drink? Obviously you need to try a Traditional Thai Street Side Tonic like the “Water Buffalo Spirit” shot for virility. Yep, this place is weird. In a good way. So good…

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Thanks so much to all who came out for the Watermen’s Story Swap held this past Friday, February 24 at the Grasonville VFW post, and thanks to all who made our very successful event possible.

I gotta tell ya, it was pretty amazing.

We had a huge turnout, heard great stories from the watermen, offered an array of amazing displays that provided insight into an important part of our history and cultural heritage, and there was a real palpable sense of community. One person told me it felt like a great family reunion,and another mentioned how uniquely  intimate the room felt, even with 200+ people in attendance.

My kindergarten teacher said, “It reminded me of the days when the men gathered around a stove in the little community stores and swapped stories.”

Mission accomplished.


JOEY HORNEY has worked on the water since he first went crabbing with his father when…

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