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Coming out of Satan’s fake heaven


Battling the Devil’s Drug

Danae Betzer is fighting a battle. But unlike a soldier deployed to a distant country, she confronts the enemy every day in her own backyard. And it’s a foe as enticing as it is deadly: the drug crystal methamphetamine.

After ten years as a user, Danae was at the end of her rope. She’d tried acupuncture, meditation, three rehabs, and finally moved alone to the Mojave Desert to break her habit. Nothing worked until her world collapsed. Miraculously, she now has been clean for nine years.

Called “the devil’s drug,” “crystal meth,” or “ice,” this drug shatters lives. Often, it moves on to wipe out families, and even communities, through divorce, child abuse, job loss, STDS, schizophrenia, homelessness, and hopelessness. Last year, respected evangelical pastor Ted Haggard resigned from his ministry posts after it was revealed that he lived a secret life that included crystal meth.

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February 1945 (4)

Pacific Paratrooper

US Army soldiers on Luzon

The battles for Manila, Bataan, and Corregidor were only the beginning of the Luzon Campaign. Both Shobu Group, securing northern Luzon, and the bulk of Shimbu Group, defending the south, remained intact. With about 50,000 men at his disposal, the Shimbu Group commander, General Yokoyama, had deployed some 30,000 of them immediately east and south of Manila, with the remainder arrayed along the narrow Bicol Peninsula to the southwest.

Japanese groups on Luzon

The main Japanese defenses near the capital were built around the 8th and 105th divisions, with the rest of the manpower drawn from a jumble of other units and provisional organizations. East of Manila, their positions were organized in considerable depth but lacked good lines of supply and reinforcement. Shimbu Group’s eastern defenses obviously presented the most immediate threat to American control of the Manila area and would have to…

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“The Most Hated Man In America: Jerry Sandusky And The Rush To Judgment” by Mark Pendergrast book review by Liz Wriston

Momentary Lapse Of Sanity

I’ve finished reading the book “The Most Hated Man In America: Jerry Sandusky And The Rush To Judgment” by Mark Pendergrast.  

My review of this book is as follows. 

To me, it was a very easy read.  The words flow where it makes it a fast paced book that you don’t want to put down.  After seeing this case transpire in the media I automatically assumed that Jerry was GUILTY!  Now after reading this book I question if an innocent man was locked away.  After reading all the circumstances and witness testimonials and how psychologists and psychiatrists pressed these people with having repressed memories and drew out of them what they wanted to hear not what really transpired is just astoundingly sad.  It seems that Jerry who was of great moral character and had such a huge heart for every child that he worked with was falsely accused and then sentenced…

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Are Airplanes Cheaper Than High Speed Rail?


By Noel T. Braymer

Recently there have been news stories that implied expanded air service could handle the traffic that High Speed Rail is planned to handle between Northern and Southern California. If that is so, what’s stopping the airlines from expanding service and flying more people in California now? In most travel corridors of under 600 miles give or take, High Speed Rail service beats air service in market share, door to door travel times and fare price. Generally the major airlines are interested making money. Revenues are associated with passenger miles, which comes with passengers flying the longest trips possible. Most air travel in California is fairly short distance compared to transcontinental or international air travel.

The most profitable air services are low fare flights based on the model of Southwest Airlines.These low fare airlines fly only one model of airliner: the Boeing 737 has been the work…

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LOSSAN Has Some Great Plans For More Rail Service: So Where’s The Rub?


By Noel T, Braymer

At the LOSSAN Joint Powers Authority Board Meeting on January 29, 2018, plans were discussed to run a third round trip train between San Diego and San Luis Obispo, a distance of 350 miles between the whole LOSSAN Corridor route. Also discussed at this meeting was the need for the LOSSAN corridor to have more passenger cars to carry more passengers and run more trains. There are 49 new cars on order by the State which are not expected to be delivered for at least 2 years. This doesn’t include plans to lease Talgo equipment originally built for the State of Wisconsin. The lease contract for these cars is still being negotiated  which have been on going for well over a year. There are plans to start up a commuter service this spring between Ventura County and the city of Santa Barbara. This will likely also…

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How Politics Has Taken Priority Over Safety

By M.E. Singer

Apparently, the Amtrak wrecks in Washington last summer and in December, the incursion at the grade crossing in West Virginia in January; and the wreck in South Carolina this month, failed to arouse a normally curious and investigative east coast media to wonder where the FRA was in all of this. How is it that everybody today looks like a deer in the headlights to find out the FRA was unmanned during this crucial period? Unmanned, I say, because the acting administrator, Health Hall, had no industry experience whatsoever. We can only be grateful that we were saved by the old mantra, “greed is dependable,” as he was finally caught violating federal ethics by moonlighting in his prior PR job back in Mississippi.

Although we might contend of industry relationships being too cozy, at least the new Secretary of Health came out of…

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