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DHL goes big on US-Mexico

23 Jul 2015
DHL Global Forwarding’s new less-than-truckload cross-border service isn’t just about US-Mexico trade. It’s part of growing shipper demand for multimodal, multiregional logistics and transportation services.
As cross-border trucking gains traction, DHL Global Forwarding is launching a LTL service connecting shippers and customers in the U.S. and Mexico.

“Singing Wheels” the rise and fall of the Fruehauf Trailer Company


Picture above of a Fruehauf trailer is from Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI.

It is my great pleasure to announce the arrival of our book, Singing Wheels, August Fruehauf & The History of the Fruehauf Trailer Company.

This 129 page book features 90 pages of original photographs from my collection plus 39 pages of historical text on the life of August Fruehauf and the Fruehauf Trailer Company.
The book is available for sale on or on
Thank you, Ruth
Ruth Ann Fruehauf
“Singing Wheels, August Fruehauf & The History of the Fruehauf Trailer Company
A book by
Ruth Fruehauf and Darlene Norman
The Fruehauf Trailer Company was an American corporation engaged in the manufacture and sale of truck-trailers with headquarters located in Detroit, Michigan.”How important is Fruehauf Trailer Company in the trailer industry? To say it is the General Motors of the business understates the…

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