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Why Does Your Business Need A WebSite?

A website is the optimal way to create an online presence for you business. Your business site communicates with your current and potential clients 24/7 over the hosting period of time. The web hosting simply means to store a website on a server or other computer so that it can be accessed over the Internet.  At any time, even after closing hours, your clients/customers can get to know more about your product(s) and services.
Through a business website, your advertising prowess will increase due to the fact that printed adverts don’t show as much indepth detail of products compared to a website. Unlike a weebsite, a printed advert is static, meaning that it is the only means of showcasing your product, while on a website there are more pictures, text and means of contacts such as forms which can help pass your message across.
Your business website should be built by a professional who will help make your site “search engine friendly”. This enables clients or people in need of your service to easily find you. Therefore, take note that just a creative, good looking design does not typically constitute an ideal website. A “search engine friendly” site allows for search engines to crawl through it, giving way to a broader range of potential customers.
You need to gain presence on the web. One of the ways to do this is to link all your site to your social network pages and vice versa. The presence of you website depends on how often people use your site. To encourage people to browse through your webpage with ease, your site must be “user friendly”. Engage your clients and visitors with captivating content that will entice them to revisit your webpage.
With or without the use of a website, your business can be one of two types of bodies of water: a pond or an ocean. A pond where as it is restricted to a particular region, remaining small-scale with no chance of growth or expansion. On the other hand, your business can be like an ocean, encompassing all the continents and nations of the world, its influence ever-reaching, and its products and services just one click away from 7 billion potential customers.

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July 5, 2015 | Author: Okonkwo Henry TruParseCreative

Top Three Douchiest Things People Post On Social Media Part Two

tonysbologna : Honest. Satirical. Observations.

As I type the keyboard shakes with growing intensity; the footsteps of the impending masses are truly felt before they are heard. Part two of Top Three Douchiest Things People Post On Social Media sheds light on the Jewel of the Social Media Nile; The Selfie. Shots fired.

Seflie wonka

Douchey Tendency Number Two: The Everyday Selfie Taker

Selfies are a lighting rod issue: they are simultaneously, all the while beautifully, loved and loathed by the masses. If you will they are Yin and Yang. We love selfies, love taking them, love captioning them, love critiquing them and most importantly love the ego stroke we receive when someone “likes” them. Everyone with a smartphone takes selfies and sometimes we actually need to. I’m aware life happens. You just bumped into Will Smith, I get it. Proudly take that selfie and upload that shit. I’ll “like” it, maybe even write a comment. Carpe…

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Snapchat: A Story Of How You’re Doing It Wrong

Just A Little Orchid, Blooming Away

Here’s the thing. I love basically all forms of social media. I think Snapchat is an especially neat way to connect with people. HOWEVER, I think there are a significant number of individuals who improperly use Snapchat. And of course this is “improper” as I see it (as you might expect seeing as how this is my blog). You don’t have to agree with me (or technically even read this), but I present to you a list of people who just aren’t doing it right.

1. Text-post ranting.

These are the people who decide they’re going to tell a story via approximately twelve 5-second screenshots of darkness and boldfaced words. I just want to point out that there are lots of places to express your opinions and thoughts that are actually perfectly able to accommodate more than 6 words on a screen at a time. At the very least, if…

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Avoid Compliance Problems With Better Communications

Compliance problems that trigger invoice deductions are often the result of communications problems between suppliers and customers. Suppliers want to reduce margin pressures. They often make small changes to integration processes. And business changes can make initial incentives counterproductive. These (and other issues) are usually unique in their particulars.
But their root cause is poor communication, which can be easily overlooked. When sales reps and buyers talk on a regular basis, it can seem that everything is going along fine. But many times these issues require more than the routine exchanges of information and relatively predictable concerns. Small issues that are overlooked can easily grow into big ones that trigger a negative action.

Fortunately, such outcomes aren’t inevitable. When both suppliers and buyers understand some underlying issues that face both parties, many problems can be avoided. And two keys to avoiding unforeseen problems are visibility and insight.