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Long day

Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

What do you do
when not in the mood
To see, to say,
to yes to nay
To walk the bridge
To climb the ridge
To move the fate
To love to hate
To crush to grind
To sweet revenge
To push to shove
To almighty love
Words don’t come
Tunes won’t play
No sleep for some
No grass no clay
No days of fun
No dawn with sun
No laughter or tears
No courage or fears
Patience o patience
It will not last
Greetings dear friend
the Clock has struck
The day has passed!

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The Falling Thoughts

Roses are red, yes they are really red

But why they become fade

And lose their shade

In front of that girl

When she speak in colour

Roses get afraid

Roses are red, yes they really are red

but why feel jealous

and they become scent less

In front of that girl

who created by God, for love and bless

Stars are bright, they are really bright

But why they become disappear

Do they have any fear?

From that girl, who is so bright

Even sun borrowed from her, his sunlight!

Stars are bright, yes they really are bright

But they cannot stay

And they have to go away

When she wake up

And start her day!


© 2015 thefallingthoughts All Rights Reserved

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Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

Hey party boy, night with your trulls
You walk and you walk and you walk
Leering and chatting up girls
Then you talk and you talk and you talk
Running your table, groupies abound
And you drink and you drink and you drink
Human stable, security around
And you sink, and you sink and you sink
Further with every kiss and every tongue
Do you ever, ever, ever, ever, think
Till another night…

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By the Mighty Mumford


Of many books this is writing,

Solomon’s own kids found them unexciting…

Instead of inspired

They gereally bonfired,

Wisdom the old man had been writing!

I wasn’t after sales but sold one,

That I bought to “cloud read” some…

Have yet to hear

If ANY this year,

Have been sold…not a one!

I wanted to publish a project,

Why bother if , as I suspect…

The subject’s too narrow

The market’s a sparrow

And I’m better off not extending my neck!

Of course, it’s partly my choice,

Not following procedure as voiced…

No separaate website,

Didn’t do it right,

The swampland I’m selling is moist!

I have no right to be bitter,

I’ve logged on but don’t follow TWITTER…

Three or four more

Distribution sites for

Poetry from a quitter.

I’ve focused on blogging here,

Word Press…

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On the spur of the moment,

He rode over in the dam’s foment…

Bathing suit slashed

And head bashed,

His foolish thought needed atonement.

We wonder, did he survive,

His parents may thrash him alive…

But dead, as they say,

He gets away

With a too daring dive!

–Jonathan Caswell

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Reality Check!

The Falling Thoughts

Stress headache and anxiety 

What happened to the society?

Professional sinner and piety 

Spirituality having dinner with brutality  

Cheater is raping loyalty

A lie laughing at honesty 

Necessity compromised with morality 

Shame showing her skin for popularity 

Cat gave up on her curiosity 

Dishonesty dating dignity 

Capitalist is a brother of royalty

They want to kill the poor not the poverty 

Minority ruling over majority

Robber giving some charity

Killer talking about legality 

People wanna be a celebrity

Celebrities running from reality

Love strangled by sexuality 

What’s happening to our society?

Islam, Judaism and Christianity 

Humanity should be our priority 

Son of Adam wants more than his capacity 

At the end all we need is, 6 feet of property 

Call my name and you will have peace 

God Almighty gave you the surety


© 2015 thefallingthoughts All Rights Reserved

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By the Mighty Mumford


God’s love, as the Bible has cried,

Won’t stand people secure in Pride…

Murderer or Gay

If not of His Way,

His answer is cut-and-dried!

Confess and repent of your sin,

Both what being done and within…

He said to the whore–

Go and sin no more,

Her accusers took that…on the chin!

Faith means more than being blind,

To His command: be transforming of mind,,,*

No one can stay

As they are and pray,

Labeling THEMSELVES as doing fine!

Consider the mercies of God,

Those who repent and awed…

Will find in Him rest

After He tests,

To admit that without God we’re flawed.

Cast yourselves down on your knees,

Determine the Lord you will please…

Subject to Christ,

Reborn in His Light,

Confess that worldly strip-tease.

–Jonathan Caswell

 * (Romans 12: 1-2)

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