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Top Three Douchiest Things People Post On Social Media Part Three.

tonysbologna : Honest. Satirical. Observations.

The Grand Finale. The Swan Song. The Last Hurrah. The proverbial fat lady is out back warming up her pipes and her pallet. Part Three of Top Three Douchiest Things People Post On Social Media casts a wide net, (and its not to catch that damn fat lady!)

Drum roll please. The third douchiest tendency people have on social media is constant complaining, because you know we really fucking care that you were stuck in traffic and you know, it matters.

Before we start gathering around the campfire, roasting marshmallows, singing kumbaya and jerk each other off on how complaining is bad and you ultimately have the control to never have a bad day; let us acknowledge something.

We’re all human, and we all will have a bad day from time to time. Venting, talking about it, complaining to your family or friends is completely healthy and normal. If social…

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Top Three Douchiest Things People Post On Social Media Part Two

tonysbologna : Honest. Satirical. Observations.

As I type the keyboard shakes with growing intensity; the footsteps of the impending masses are truly felt before they are heard. Part two of Top Three Douchiest Things People Post On Social Media sheds light on the Jewel of the Social Media Nile; The Selfie. Shots fired.

Seflie wonka

Douchey Tendency Number Two: The Everyday Selfie Taker

Selfies are a lighting rod issue: they are simultaneously, all the while beautifully, loved and loathed by the masses. If you will they are Yin and Yang. We love selfies, love taking them, love captioning them, love critiquing them and most importantly love the ego stroke we receive when someone “likes” them. Everyone with a smartphone takes selfies and sometimes we actually need to. I’m aware life happens. You just bumped into Will Smith, I get it. Proudly take that selfie and upload that shit. I’ll “like” it, maybe even write a comment. Carpe…

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Wherever you are and whatever you do, be in love. ― Rumi




A lover asked his beloved,
Do you love yourself more than you love me?
Beloved replied, I have died to myself and I live for you.
I’ve disappeared from myself and my attributes,
I am present only for you.
I’ve forgotten all my learnings,
but from knowing you I’ve become a scholar.
I’ve lost all my strength, but from your power I am able.
I love myself…I love you.
I love you…I love myself.”

― Rumi


Bir sevgili sevgilisine sordu:
Beni mi çok seviyorsun, kendini mi?”
Sevgilisi dedi ki: “Ben kendimden ölmüşüm.
Seninle diriyim.
Kendimden, varlık ve sıfatlarımdan geçmişim.
Kendilik bilincimi unutmuşum.
Senin bilginle bilmişim.
Kendi güç ve kudretimi hatırdan çıkarmışım.
Senin gücünle güç kazanmışım.
Kendimi seversem seni sevmiş olurum.
Seni seversem kendimi sevmiş sayılırım.

― Mevlana 


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A lesson in a dream / Rüyanın içinde bir ders…




Once upon a time there was a man walking in the jungles where the magnificent nature and long trees. He was enjoying the view of the thick trees covering the sunlight, listening to the birds singing, smelling the odor of the flowers. While he was fascinated by those views. He heard the sound of quick running and Is becoming clearer and nearer, the man turned and saw a great hungry lion coming fast towards him. The empty bellied lion was coming nearer and nearer. The man began to run like the wind with the lion running after him. When the lion became too close the mane noticed this old well. Without thinking the man jumped into it holding a strong rope that dangled inside it.

After a while, he calmed down and the roar of the angry hungry lion faded away. But suddenly he heard the hissing sound of a…

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About Rabbit Holes, Shamans, and Yes Virginia, Healers are Real


Our old friend and fellow blogger; Ancien Hippie, is thinking of  writing a new book Let’s encourage him by showing off some stuff that he wants to write about.

  • RabbitHole02

Start with our old friends at Urban Dictionary

Metaphor for the conceptual path which is thought to lead to the true nature of reality. Infinitesimally deep and complex, venturing too far down is probably not that great of an idea.

Taking hallucinogenic drugs can be considered “tripping” down the rabbit hole, but it is also explored through philosophical and existential thinking.

The origin of the term is from the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland which leads into Wonderland.

You take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.
Journey Through the Rabbit Hole
By Vicky Thompson for NCX Radio
To be included in forthcoming book “Yes…

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