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Smugglers Cafe at Hosmer’s Marina

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Today I ate lunch at Smugglers Cafe at Hosmer’s Marina in Ogdensburg, NY.  It is located on the Oswegatchie River, a tributary of the St. Lawrence River.  Every table in the cafe has a river view and from our table, we could see youngsters fishing on the shore.

IMG_0700This place has the right amount of riverside charm.  Local photographs and vintage St. Lawrence River Navigational charts draped the walls.  The windows are outfitted with lanterns that can be seen by passing boaters by night.  There is an on-site bait and tackle shop as well as a full bar area.  Outside dining is also available right on the river.  The menu is extensive and items are cleverly named with sea-faring puns, like “sand-bar-wiches.”

IMG_0704The atmosphere was quiet, clean, casual, and comfortable.  Our server was  pleasant and helpful.  We ordered chicken wings and salads.  The food arrived quickly and it was…

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Tasty Tuesday: Darjeeling Street Foods

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Whenever I travel I put my special interest in trying local cuisines especially those foods which are sold on streets. I try street foods for a number of reasons, One is that they are reasonably priced and delicious than the foods which are sold in restaurants and other is to experience ethnic cuisines and also for nostalgia.
These pictures are taken inmy recent trip to ‘Queen of Hill stations’ Known as ‘Darjeeling’. The time I spent in there was very less but still I tried some of the local street foods in chauk Bazaar Road, Darjeeling. Thought these are worth sharing.

Charming Lady feeding the streets of Darjeeling.. Charming Lady feeding the streets of Darjeeling.. Slide Show:

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Eat: Basil and Pistachio Nut Pesto

photo 1(4) Basil and Pistachio Nut Pesto

photo 2(3) Basil and Pistachio Nut Pesto

There are so many recipes for classic basil pesto, at ELE we like to replace the pine nuts with pistachio nuts for their salty, nutty flavor and numerous health benefits.

1 bunch of fresh basil
1/2 cup pistachio nuts, shelled
2 large cloves of garlic, peeled
1/2 cup of finely grated aged parmesan cheese
1/2 cup olive oil

Remove leaves from the basil stems and add to a food processor (or mortar and pestle if you prefer) with nuts, garlic and  parmesan cheese. Blend ingredients, slowly adding the olive oil until the pesto forms a smooth, thick paste. Season with salt and pepper.  We like to serve our pesto tossed through cooked pasta with roasted cherry tomatoes and shaved parmesan cheese.  Alternatively, mix a large spoon of pesto with cooked chopped chicken, pine nuts and whole egg mayonnaise, mix…

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