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Indianapolis 500 versus Monte Carlo Grand Prix: Train to the Race

Yes as far as the races: Indianaplis 500 and Monaco Grand Prix; there are a lot of differeces. We won’t try and appear intelligent; let’s conclude they are HUGE spectator events that happen every May.

In 1911, The Peoria & Eastern  Railway will convey about 70,000 to the Indianapolis Speedway.  1963 The Peoria & Eastern runs the last of its “500” specials. The trains are profitable, but do not fit into the company’s long-range plans.

Beginning in 1929, the Grand Prix of Monaco is also a really huge event.  Compare to Monaco F-1 Grand Prix held end of May. SNCF (French National Railways) runs through Monaco over a high speed electrified line from French Riviera to Italy. Most trains are eight car Alstom-manufactured trainsets. Four of these are owned by the Principality of Monaco and painted royal colors of red and white with royal crest. Limited roads into Monaco and very limited parking. Frequent busses run in two and three sections. The course of the race has been modified over the years, but the current route from the beach to the casino used to be a tramway route.

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Holiday Trains in Action.

The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train came down from  Rouses Point to Kenwood (Albany).  Saturday with shows at Mechanicville and Saratoga. Read more about this train.


As the holiday express train rolls into the historic Steamtown site in
Scranton. Carolers and elves are at the ready to help kick off the holiday season for hundreds of people. Read More

Steamtown Holiday Express
Steamtown Holiday Express


Warner Bros VIP Studio Tour


Last week I had the chance to go to the Warner Bros VIP Tour. With a group of people from school I went to Burbank. It was sunny; I had ‘Vanilla Bane’ and ‘Superman Salted Caramel’ ice-cream. It was a great start, and things got even better.

First we were brought into a screening room, where they showed a short movie about Warner Bros and the many films that it has created. There was The Life of Emile Zola, Casablanca, and My Fair Lady from ages past. There was our beloved Harry PotterThe Lord of the Rings, and The Matrix. And of course, there is FriendsPretty Little Liars, The Ellen Degeneres Show, and too many other awesome works to get us excited.

We then went into a tour cart and drove around the lot. It was fairly empty, but the buildings were beautiful. Each street…

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Smugglers Cafe at Hosmer’s Marina

The River Blogger


Today I ate lunch at Smugglers Cafe at Hosmer’s Marina in Ogdensburg, NY.  It is located on the Oswegatchie River, a tributary of the St. Lawrence River.  Every table in the cafe has a river view and from our table, we could see youngsters fishing on the shore.

IMG_0700This place has the right amount of riverside charm.  Local photographs and vintage St. Lawrence River Navigational charts draped the walls.  The windows are outfitted with lanterns that can be seen by passing boaters by night.  There is an on-site bait and tackle shop as well as a full bar area.  Outside dining is also available right on the river.  The menu is extensive and items are cleverly named with sea-faring puns, like “sand-bar-wiches.”

IMG_0704The atmosphere was quiet, clean, casual, and comfortable.  Our server was  pleasant and helpful.  We ordered chicken wings and salads.  The food arrived quickly and it was…

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Train ride on vintage cars to Santa Barbara with Inspirato


Where in the world are Tim and Joanne?

A Note From Abroad

Saturday, March 14th ~ Los Angeles to Santa Barbara, California

We were told to arrive at Union Station in downtown Los Angeles no later that 7:15 in the morning.

Union Station, Los Angeles Union Station, Los Angeles

Ceiling inside Union Station, Los Angeles Ceiling inside Union Station, Los Angeles 

Not sure how the traffic might be, we allowed plenty of time, and were blessed with that golden light that photographers get goofy over.

Los Angeles in the early morning light Los Angeles in the early morning light

This had been a last-minute invitation from our traveling buddies, Dick and Karen. In fact we were hiking on top of the mountain overlooking Palm Springs when the phone call came in…

“Do you want to join us for a special train ride and lunch in Santa Barbara tomorrow?”

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