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June 1943 (1)

Pacific Paratrooper

Japanese artillery on Attu, 1943 Property of Univ. of Washington, Special Collections. Japanese artillery on Attu, 1943
Property of Univ. of Washington, Special Collections.

5 June – On the home front of Japan, Admiral Yamamoto received a full state funeral in Tokyo.   Germany honored him by awarding the Knight’s Cross w/ Oakleaves and Swords as the island nation mourned.  The Japanese people were told that his plane crashed due to mechanical failure.

7 June – a major aerial battle around the Russell Islands occurred.  The US aircraft shot down 19 Japanese fighters out of the 40 attackers.


7-16 June – the Japanese air sorties over the Solomon Islands became increasingly costly for the enemy in the terms of aircraft and pilots.  Over Guadalcanal, the 307th Bombardment Group cost Japan 23 planes and the US had 9 downed.  On the 12th, the kill-to-loss ratio widened as Japan lost 31 to the 6 American.  By the 16th, the total destruction of 107 Japanese…

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I May Be Crazy… (Flab To Fab)

Looking Joli Good

About a year ago, my husband got me Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution. I love Jillian’s work outs! She is by far my favorite!
I had almost completed the 12 week program, when at week 11, while on vacation, I injured my left abductor thigh muscle, (totally unrelated to the program). That injury was a major 4 month set back, and actually I sadly never returned to the program to complete it.
That is until yesterday…
I started back at week one. It starts off easy enough, especially since I exercise on a regular basis, it almost seems to be too simple for Jillian. (I have already done all the workouts, so I k ow it gets a lot harder!) So as “simple” as it seems, let me just say, right now I am sore in places that I forgot existed.
As I complete the program, I will be giving…

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Day 474: Superwoman (not)

The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

Dear Readers,

What are your associations with the word “Superwoman?”

Let’s see what Google Images thinks “Superwoman” means:


That’s the first image that came up in my search, and it lives here, in an online article named “I am not Superwoman,” written by Marissa 11586, who gives a photo credit like so.

Here are my associations, at this point:

  • Looking at that image, I feel safe in saying that nobody would mistake me for Superwoman.
  • Despite my physical differences from the above image, I often think I can do it all  (including giving perfect credit for anything I use in this blog).
  • As I’ve dealt with serious medical issues since I was born, I have always gotten back to school and work really quickly.  My parents and my doctors, when I was growing up, subscribed to the belief that getting back to “normal” would be healthier for…

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The Renegade Press

‘This is hell. You bought a candle to burn?’
-Keith Buckley.

I’ve been thinking about my own morality a lot lately. I’ve had a pretty frustrating case of writers block and whenever I do I start to contemplate the space in time I’ll occupy between birth and death. I get caught up in a mindset of frustration and start thinking about the choices I’ve made, opportunities I’ve missed, and how I will spend the moments I’m still yet to experience. To be frank, I hate when I get like this. I’m fucking petrified of growing older and knowing that I’ll one day kick the bucket causes my anxiety levels to skyrocket until my heart is hammering in my chest and I become short of breath.

I guess a large part of the anxiety I experience comes from the fact that I feel as though I still have so much I…

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for so long

The Lonely Author

I wanted to change things up. Reading the works of so many inspiring writers I have penned this.

Criticisms please.

Ladies, be gentle. This was my first time…..hehehe


for so long

for so long

I have adored her through my window

far too long

I have suffered her silent tears

so unloved

this siren breathes unappreciated

too unloved

retreating in the shadows of her fears


for so long

 he abused her with his hatred

far too long

drowning in her love in vain

so unloved

if only she would let me adore her

too unloved

my tears could wash away her pain


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