”The World Is Changed By Your Example, Not By Your Opinion. ”



”Stop Trying to Fit In and Start Embracing Your True Self”

At some point in life, you will have to decide for yourself if you want to be true to your nature and live your authentic life or if you want to bend & remold yourself to fit society and the standard of the people within that add no real value or depth to your existence. I’ll start by saying I’ve been guilty of conforming; I’ve pretended to be conventional so I could fit in, I’ve tried to change sometimes so I could blend in community, I’ve once suppressed dreams to appear ‘normal’, I’ve accepted unfavorable situations so I wouldn’t come across as ‘extra’ and I’ve at some point even toned down my appearance for the comfort of others.


I now realize the error in all of that; I’ve learned that anyone that wants you to be a less version…

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