Remembering The Way Barbershops Were 

Miss Back In The Day USA


Figar0… Figar0! The Barber ofSeville!In remembering the art and tradition of barbering, it is all in reference to.. and specifically, right HERE the good ol’ USA.

The Iconic Barber’s pole

From then, physicians were clearly separated from the surgeons andbarbers. … Another, more fanciful interpretation of these barber pole colors is thatredrepresents arterialblood,blueis symbolic of venousblood, andwhitedepicts the bandage.

Wikipedia Commons

The look of the barber pole is linked to bloodletting, with red representing blood and white representing the bandages used to stem the bleeding. … Both barbers and surgeons, however, remained part of the same trade guild until 1745.

The 1880s to the 1940s were the golden age for barbershops. During this time, men socialized in all-male hangouts, and barbershops rivaled saloons in popularity. Visiting the barbershop was a weekly, and sometimes daily…

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