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28471558_1547423918711531_4915741172023978832_nIf you are a regular follower of this blog, you will already know that we live in a very giving community. About a year ago, I posted an article of a local barber that donated a large portion of his daily income to a young Springboro High School football player and student that he had never met. That student was battling for his life after being diagnosed with cancer.

Mark Thompson of Springboro Barber donated almost $3,000 to Mac Reese, then 17 years old. Here is a link to that article. CLICK HERE. Mr. Thompson was able to help a local family during their time of need. This was only one grateful contribution from the community, family and friends. Now,  Reese’s mother is giving back to the community that was so giving to her.

Colleen Reese has built a team that will be collecting donations for the Leukemia and…

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