America and Ballpark Food

Miss Back In The Day USA

The History of Ballpark Food

These days, it’s hardly surprising to find upscale fare such as sushi and lobstner rolls at ballparks across the United States. But that doesn’t mean traditional snacks have lost their appeal. When they’re rooting for the home team, baseball fans still like their peanuts and Cracker Jack. In ballparks and beyond, Americans consume more than 20 billion hot dogs and 600 million pounds of peanuts a year. And Cracker Jack—now sold in bags instead of boxes—is still available at all 30 Major League parks

Hot Dogs
The world’s first sausage may have been made as far back as 64 A.D., when Emperor Nero Claudius Caesar’s cook, Gaius, stuffed pig intestines with ground meat in a flash of culinary inspiration. After eating the sausage, the emperor is said to have declared, “I have discovered something of great importance.” If your favorite ballpark treat is a fresh…

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