I am moving quickly with this blog post this morning as my old laptop is sending ominous flickering warnings.  The screen keeps blacking on and off.  Last night I backed up all the pictures.  I am surprised it even came on this morning.  This is the WRONG time of the year for major purchases.   But you never know. We may shamble on for a while longer. 

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The Greatest Gift

Muddling Through My Middle Age

Last weekend was a busy one.  We had a death in the extended family, which meant taking a quick out-of-state trip on Friday to attend the visitation.  On Saturday, we drove back home so we could help our daughter prepare for the family lunch that would follow the baptism of our grandson on Sunday morning.  One of the disadvantages of growing older is that I don’t bounce back from those kinds of weekends as quickly as I used to, so I am only just now actually processing those recent events.

In many ways, the death of a loved one and the baptism of a baby are completely opposite events.  One life is ending and another one is just beginning, and the emotions we feel are so very different.  It doesn’t matter if the death came at the end of a long and well-lived life, or if it was sudden and…

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