I Must Be Doing Something Right, Somewhere, Sometime, Maybe?

O at the Edges

Since New Year’s Day, 24 publications have turned down my writing. Before that, I received ten rejections in December, which only tied my sixth worst monthly total for 2017! So yeah, I know the sting of rejection. Mostly it resembles a mosquito’s bite – a bit annoying, it disappears quickly. But one will occasionally strike like a scorpion – WHAM – and it swells and throbs for a while and I wonder why the hell I continue dallying with this odd thing we call poetry. I suppose it’s enough that from time to time a complete stranger will respond kindly, or an editor will ask to see a few pieces for consideration. Or a few poems get published in print…

My poetry has appeared in these print publications over the past year. Although much of my writing is published online, I’m still enamored with print. Something about the smell, the…

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Joanna Lea Hudson


I went to Denver last April and didn’t realize until someone asked for recommendations I never even did a post on it!

I just got back from Denver a few days ago and my friend and I spontaneously bought tickets to Europe after finding a cheap deal so I leave Sunday! So I will have tons more to share. Also I did a quick live Instagram video introducing my new web design business.


So back to Denver – my best friend and I booked a trip to Denver then as the dates got closer realized we were going to be there on Valentine’s Day. Super romantic to be traveling with your best friend but we had so much fun. We had to laugh because at restaurants they would give us the “Valentine’s Dinner for 2” menu and things like that.

So funny story, we were both super busy leading up…

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First Hand Account – Iwo Jima

Pacific Paratrooper

The 31st Naval Construction Battalion on Iwo Jima

This account was submitted by: John Ratomski

A Seabee on Iwo Jima: They Also Served Who Drove Cranes and Cats -62nd SeaBee Battalion


ON D+2 WE WERE JUST OFF THE SOUTH END OF THE ISLAND, in a Landing Ship, Tank. At about 5 p.m. we were told to report to our equipment. We started our engines, the LST opened its bow doors, and the ramp dropped. We were at Red Beach. A Caterpillar bulldozer went first, to build a dirt ramp. Once that was ready we moved out—trucks, more Cats, and my Northwest 25 crane. The noise was continuous. Wreckage was everywhere. It was getting dark when I got to shore, close to Mount Suribachi.  There was a 30-degree slope up from the beach; I barely made it to the top of that volcanic sand.

My partner Red and…

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