The Military Industrial Complex’s CPAs Never Sleep

O at the Edges


The Military Industrial Complex’s CPAs Never Sleep

We so seldom bury people at sea
in weighted shrouds,
preferring instead sealed
containers or ashes
mixed with concrete.

Little girls skip
down the street,
giggling, unaware of their
value on the open
market. Dollars, oil.
Weapons. All fungible.

On the forgotten shelf,
the avocado’s flesh
blackens inside
its withering armor.
How is too much
never enough?

Targets based on
possibilities, innuendo,
cost-benefit analysis:
three men and a camel,
wedding parties,
hospitals, homes.

When morning comes,
they’re still awake,
collating damage, counting
opportunities, massaging
sums, ignoring cost,
harvesting their dead fruit.


This first appeared here in September 2016.

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Metro-North Delays, Cancellations After Person Struck, Killed


Some Metro-North trains are being canceled and others delayed as MTA police investigate a fatal strike near the Beacon station.

Metro-North announced that the Hudson Line is experiencing service delays after an unauthorized person was struck and killed by a train at approximately 12:24 p.m. on the tracks south of the Beacon station, according to a spokesperson.

According to Metro-North, the person – whose name has not been released – was struck by the 10:43 a.m. train from Grand Central that was due into Poughkeepsie at 12:33 p.m. The incident is currently under investigation by the MTAPD. The Hudson Line was delayed upwards of 20 minutes and train #821 was canceled.

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