Coming out of Satan’s fake heaven


Battling the Devil’s Drug

Danae Betzer is fighting a battle. But unlike a soldier deployed to a distant country, she confronts the enemy every day in her own backyard. And it’s a foe as enticing as it is deadly: the drug crystal methamphetamine.

After ten years as a user, Danae was at the end of her rope. She’d tried acupuncture, meditation, three rehabs, and finally moved alone to the Mojave Desert to break her habit. Nothing worked until her world collapsed. Miraculously, she now has been clean for nine years.

Called “the devil’s drug,” “crystal meth,” or “ice,” this drug shatters lives. Often, it moves on to wipe out families, and even communities, through divorce, child abuse, job loss, STDS, schizophrenia, homelessness, and hopelessness. Last year, respected evangelical pastor Ted Haggard resigned from his ministry posts after it was revealed that he lived a secret life that included crystal meth.

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