Great idea!

By the Mighty Mumford

Re-arranging files

With a poet’s wiles…

Bring out more trains

ALCOs and things,

This kind of stuff makes him smile!

–Jonathan Caswell

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”Experience Is What You Get”

A very deep article



“Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted. And experience is often the most valuable thing you have to offer.”

At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can.” I think that pretty much sums up human existence. It’s a journey of painful experiences and shattering illusions that hardens us into intelligent and mature adults.

Because that’s life, isn’t it? Just trying to get through the day, taking blow after blow just to pick ourselves up again without knowing what other troubles lie ahead. Life is a series of challenges that only prepares us for more to come.

As we get older, we become accustomed to the idea of pain. People hold back from relationships for fear of getting hurt or feeling that deep emotional pain that comes with a broken heart.


They shy away from new experiences…

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America Are You Ready For The Bombs, Bullets, And Blades

Eye Opening!

Truth Troubles

America Are You Ready For The Bombs, Bullets, And Blades

There is nothing about this title that I like, there are many things that go on in the world daily that I don’t like so my disliking something obviously has no effect on their continued existence. I am a person who hates all forms of human violence, I do not condone offence yet believe everyone has the God-given right to defend themselves and their loved ones. If there were never any attacks upon another then there would be no need to invest in defense. Unfortunately for all of us this is just a fantasy, a dream world. As long as there is hate in people’s hearts no one is ever really safe anywhere.

Recently the NSA was rebuked in public for some of their intelligence gathering methods by the Congress. They were ordered to discontinue some programs and methods of…

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Love to try your eggs someday!



The chickens are supplying us with at least three dozen eggs a day sometimes more. One dozen a day goes to the pigs and the others are sold.  Last week I sold fifteen dozen eggs. The pigs had a few less though. This week Jake wants to send up thirty dozen(between us)  – we are after a specific weekly order from a specific restaurant so I am going to try.  This means I need to collect seventeen dozen this week! So the pigs will get even less this week.


Jake is my middleman so I sell the eggs to him for $2.50 a dozen. He supplies all the trays and transport and sells them on. So the chickens are paying for their own feed and hay and some left over.


I think they like this cool weather and they are loving the extra light.


Good chickens.


Last night before I got…

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Forward Into the Wibbly Wobbly

Wide Awake But Dreaming

Twenty-four hours can see a big change…

Yesterday about this time I was really up and feeling good.  It was sunny, life seemed good.  Last night, however, I started falling into another of my depressions while out enjoying a bout with teammates and by the time I was home I was ready to chuck it all over the balcony–myself included.

So I made a comment on Facebook about this.  I got a lot of sympathy–and one comment from someone who I respect a great deal.  Her comment was to stop letting depression define me because I was allowing it to happen and that I should “bone the fuck up” and move forward.

And it did snap my ass back into shape.

A lot of shit that’s happened to me since the end of last year has been me letting depression get the better of me.  I know the signs, I…

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