Chinese Space Station Is Tumbling Toward an Easter Sunday Crash



Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

come slow
gently like breeze
then wind picks up
brewing inside, a fearless storm
gusts bellow, telling tales, ferocious gales
Sonnets just drop, crescendos scream, epics astound
rain and thunder, makes mind mellow, stories asunder,
calmness returns, destruction immense, words don’t, make any sense

AB 30 December, 2013
Photo AB December 2013

20131230-105039 pm.jpg

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Details of Boat Hardware at the Finger Lakes Boating Museum

Jazzersten's HDR Blog

We are here at the Finger Lakes Boating Museum in Hammondsport, New York on the edge of Keuka Lake.  It is in the old Taylor Wine buildings and especially the stone tasting rooms they had on the hillside.

Last time we saw a beautiful two toned runabout boat on display and I wanted to show the details of the glossy and chromed hardware.  This is a fancy and practical rope cleat.  There is nothing like the chromed metal on varnished wood for beauty and function.

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Ghosts: Living With Ghosts!

Book 'Em, Jan O

Readers, here are some intriguing first-hand accounts of ghostly encounters – enjoy!  Reblogged from the excellent blog, The Ghost Post.

Thanks to Toni from Virginia for sharing these stories with me! Toni has had paranormal experiences her whole life. Both sides of her family have psychic abilities, so she is used to regularly receiving communications from spirits. Her earliest encounter happened when she was four years old. At the time, she lived in a house […]

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For more ghosts and other things, please see


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Amtrak grades host freight railroads’ performance


Progressive Railroading

Amtrak has begun posting a quarterly “report card” that rates how long its trains are delayed while traveling on host freight railroads’ tracks.

The majority of Amtrak’s network operates on track owned, maintained and dispatched by freight railroads. Amtrak delays on host railroads are caused primarily by freight railroads that require passenger trains to wait so that freight trains can operate first, Amtrak officials said in the report card.

Federal law requires that Amtrak passenger trains must be given preference over freight trains using any rail line. There are only a few exceptions to that rule, according to Amtrak.

Amtrak’s first Host Railroad Report Card gives letter grades to six Class Is based on delays per 10,000 train miles. Specifically, that is defined as the number of minutes of host-responsible delay, divided by the number of Amtrak train miles operated over that host, times 10,000.

The first report…

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Brooklyn’s Very Own Subway Line

All Things Brooklyn

G train-crosstown-map Brooklyn’s G train Crosstown Line station map.

It’s the most disparaged subway line in the entire MTA system. “The line to nowhere,” They say. The line is the G train, and They are those who don’t use it. For those who do ride the G, it’s the best train in New York City. The A is known as the 8th Avenue Express and the F is called the 6th Avenue Local. The G is the crosstown line, snaking through Brooklyn from Church Avenue in Kensington north through Greenpoint, with (currently) two stops in Queens and ending at Court Square, without ever going into “The City” on the way. It’s the only non-shuttle subway line that avoids Manhattan.

G tag Letter tag for the G train.

The G train opened as the GG in 1933 as part of the IND system, using the double-letter code of the day for local trains…

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