Village of the cursed (2/4)

Roger Bussey

Ghost Train

Without a doubt I was lost… Gerald Carter tossed the map onto the passenger seat, cursing to himself as he levered himself out of his car, looking up and down the road for a signpost.  Sure enough some two hundred yards in front of him, stood West Raynham, and he had driven past the South Raynham signpost some way back.  “So where is Barrisgough?  According to the Ordnance Survey Map, it should be situated between the two Raynham’s.  So where is it?  It can’t just disappear,” he said out loud to himself.

He knew the village had a fearful history, with a ruined church, dating back to 1754, and the river ran alongside the main street.

“Maybe you can help me, I seem to have got lost,” asking a couple, walking a pair of golden Labradors.

“Ask away,” the man replied, as he turned to help the woman, over the…

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