Gateway tunnel and second avenue subway: Phase 2 funding competition

Penney Vanderbilt and KC Jones: All About Railroads


The recently released Federal Transit Administration (FTA) FY 2019 New Starts Report provides interesting insight into several locally competing projects seeking federal funding from the same source.  President Trump proposes eliminating this program and reassigning funding toward his proposed $1.5 Trillion ten year infrastructure program.

This new program would provide $200 billion in federal funds over ten years.  Uncle Sam would provide 20% of project costs.

Washington hopes these funds will leverage other city, state and private investments to cover the remaining 80% project costs.  There will be negotiations between the White House and Congress on this proposal which will probably result in some sort of compromise.

The FTA New Starts program may end up preserved but funded at a reduced annual level. It is doubtful that funding would be increased.  Existing Full Funding Grant Agreements (FFGA) will continue to be honored.  Competition for remaining dollars to support new…

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