Ghosts: Food for Thought . . .

Book 'Em, Jan O

Readers, I have often run across accounts of paranormal activity that became extreme and frightening as the result of people becoming involved with the occult.  Ouija boards or other types of experimentation have been said to invite dark presences. We have all read these stories.

Many of us had ouija boards as kids and used them with no results, negative or otherwise. Yet one reads warning after warning about serious problems resulting from the use of ouija boards.
I had this experience:  although not experimenting with the occult, I did live in a haunted house when I was in my early twenties.  During that time, I began to have precognitive dreams which came true later: names, dates, places – detailed information I’d have no way of accessing.  I became very intuitive or “psychic”  during and after that time.  So I do think that if you’re around paranormal events, that may…

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