Whatever Happened to Twiggy?

Twiggy. Lesley Lawson (née Hornby; born 19 September 1949) is an English model, actress, and singer widely known by the nickname Twiggy. She was a British cultural icon and a prominent teenage model in swinging sixties London.

She’s still got it! Supermodel Twiggy, 65, shows off her age-defying looks as she models her 70s inspired range for M&S.

By Bianca London for MailOnline

She is one of the world’s most iconic models and 50 years after first being discovered, Twiggy is still a timeless beauty.
Want proof? Just cast your eyes upon the 65-year-old’s new M&S campaign, which shows her modelling her summer collection for the high street giant.

Twiggy promises that her latest collection, which will be available on May 14, will instantly update your summer wardrobe with its chic colour palette, gorgeous prints and great silhouettes.

Supermodel Twiggy, 65, shows off her age-defying looks as she models her new summer range for M&S
Twiggy has long been working for the high street store – and has seemingly taken inspiration from the 70s trends seen on the catwalks this season.

Her new designs include a chic denim jacket, floral and feminine print dress and leopard-print trousers.

Whilst she looks flawless in the new shoot, the fashion stalwart has admitted that while she has never had cosmetic surgery, she hasn’t entirely ruled it out.
She told Woman Fashion magazine: ‘I haven’t had any cosmetic surgery – yet. I’m not saying I never would, but at the moment, I don’t feel I need to.

However, the model added: ‘But I am totally against Botox. Firstly, it’s poisonous – I don’t want botulism in my body thank you very much. Secondly, we don’t know the long-term effects. Doctors say it disappears in the body, but where? And I don’t like what it does to people’s faces.’

Her new designs include a chic jumpsuits, fun prints and on-trend sandals perfect for the summer season
Twiggy, who is married to actor Leigh Lawson, 69, takes a relaxed approach to ageing and seems at peace with her advancing years.

‘There’s nothing you can do about getting older. You’ve just got to accept it,’ she said. ‘It’s no good locking yourself away in a room and crying on your birthday.’

Twiggy’s short cropped haircut helped propel her to stardom in the swinging Sixties, but nearly 50 years later, she is embracing her longer locks and will not be pressured into cutting them short.

Twiggy – real name Lesley Hornby – has rubbished the beauty rule which says that as a women gets older, her hair should get shorter.

She has blonde hair that falls well past her shoulders and is the face of L’Oreal hair products.



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