Ghosts: Some Questions We Might Ask

Greeeat! Are you going to start answering those questions?

Book 'Em, Jan O

What are ghosts?  We’ve been reading so many stories of many strange visions and happenings.  But what exactly have we got?

Are ghosts exclusively the spirits of dead people? Or can they be something else?

Are they slips in time, in which we somehow observe something from the past?

Are they conscious?  Are they aware of our presence? Do they have a message for us?

What about the hitchhiker ghosts, who ask for a ride and then disappear out of the back seat?

Are ghosts like tape recordings, pressed into space into which we unintentionally intrude?

Are they mental projections?  I’ve wondered about cases of ghosts who come back with a message.  Might these be facets of one’s subconscious, disguised as a ghost to make an impact and be sure the conscious mind gets the message? Are they ESP, or telepathic images plucked from other persons or places?  As a…

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