Whatever Happened To…Car Hop Dining?

Miss Back In The Day USA

Featured image: quora.com

Drive Into These 5 Classic Carhop Restaurants

By:Mackensy Lunsford

American post-war culture comes alive in a 1973 film classic, bathed in the lights of Mel’s Drive-in. The setting, all buzzing neon and classic cars, hearkens to an era when the drive-in restaurant was everything.
The classic eateries came of age in a time when cars symbolized post-war economic recovery. There was a certain freedom in hitting the road after years of belt-tightening. People were settling in for a period of relative indulgence, gulping down burgers and sodas in gas guzzlers, without ever having to leave the comfort of the front seat.

“Back in the day, that was huge,” says Robin Cockhill, whose parents in 1943 purchased the ’30s-era Matt’s Place Drive-In in Montana. “I think for younger kids, it was a way to hang out and still be private, but you still got to eat. If you…

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