Commentary for the new CEO of Amtrak


By Anthony Lee

Editor’s note:  Anthony Lee has been a RailPAC member since he was a teenager, and was a board member until he retired and moved to Florida.  The items below are his ideas for improving Amtrak service.

A new era is coming to intercity rail passenger service in the United States and for Amtrak starting after July 12th when the new Amtrak CEO, Richard Anderson, comes on board.  Hopefully, there will be a  better customer experience.  The  best way for Amtrak to increase revenue and ridership is to expand the national network by filling the gap (75-750 miles) in the under-served markets and it also would /improve network  connectivity and desirability for intercity passenger rail to other modes in the United States.

The best way forward is to create a network of shared thruway bus service/Amtrak regional bus/rail hubs, and use ride-sharing services to compete with discount  buses, cheap air fares, and private cars by using leased equipment from Europe with a FRA waiver, or using Talgo series 8 equipment on certain…

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