VIDEO: NY Central Engineer Retires In 1929

There are more New York Central videos on this too!

My grandfather, Ken Knapp, COULD have been in this video. He was Railroad PAYMASTER until 1954 when Vanderbilts left. Seen (still only) photos at “last day” events. In 1929 he still worked in New York. Then they were relocated to Albany. By 1933 they were in UTICA. Whole 3rd floor was PAYROLL, but they cut the “PAY CARS”



Cuomo Proposes New Name For Stewart


In the last few days, we have heard ALOT about Stewart International Airport. On Thursday, January 4, 2018 World’s biggest passenger jet forced to land at SWF New York airport because of blizzard.

The flight was one of dozens that were diverted as powerful winds and heavy snow closed runways at some of the busiest airports along the East Coast, including several international long-haul flights. The airport’s 11,800 foot runway can easily accommodate the large plane, and the airport even bills itself as an “efficient diversion airport” because the runway is so long.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to expand and rebrand Stewart International Airport.

The governor wants the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey to spend $34 million to build a permanent U.S. Customs and Border Protection federal inspection station to allow the airport to expand its international service. Stewart currently flies to Norway, Ireland, Northern Ireland…

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