Day 1831: Bombs

The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

We’ve been dealing with a few bombs here on the east coast of the USA, including

While many people around us had to suffer through flooding, power outages, and loss of heat, we somehow avoided those bombs.  Or, to quote another weapon-oriented phrase used by my bf (Boy Friend, Best Friend, Bomb deFuser) Michael: “We dodged a bullet, baby.”

Want to see some photos from yesterday and guess which one was not taken by me? Bombs away!

IMG_6219IMG_6216IMG_6220IMG_6224IMG_6214IMG_6215IMG_6218IMG_6213IMG_6221Here’s what happens when you search YouTube for “Trevor Noah bomb”:


Gratitude incoming for all those who helped me write this post and — of course! — to you, no matter what bombs you’re dealing with today.

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Top Questions & Doubts About UFO Whistleblower, Luis Elizondo


Jon Rappoport
January 5, 2017

“The day of final UFO revelation is at hand! Glory! The government heroes in the shadows have stepped forward with the good news! All hail! Let us praise these insiders and bow down! Our efforts have not been in vain!”


No kid gloves, no fawning gratitude toward sources.

For far too long, government insiders who offer UFO “revelations” have been given a free pass.

They should be treated like any other sources for breaking stories. “Your information is fascinating, but I have lots of questions about you and your background.”

There is a history of these insiders spreading disinformation or lies mixed with truth. This is how intelligence and propaganda operatives work. For instance, they could present tidbits about actual UFO sightings along with false claims about recovering “alien bodies.” Those latter claims would be part of their covert agenda.

Suppose secret…

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G.E. Appliances is launching its own version of Quirky for businesses called Giddy


G.E. Appliances (now a subsidiary of the Chinese appliance manufacturer Haier) is spinning out a crowd-sourced product development business as a service for corporate customers under the name Giddy.

It’s the idea that won’t die — even though several of the companies that originally supported it have foundered over the years. Companies like Quirky and Local Motors tried to tap the maker community to create product development shops that would leverage amateur engineering and design talent and at-home prototyping to create new products to sell to the mass market.

Those companies raised over one hundred million dollars in combined financing to pursue their vision, but Quirky went out of business and Local Motors has seen its vision for letting a thousand car designing engineers flourish stall out.

Now G.E. Appliances, which once celebrated its Quirky connection, is taking the same model and pitching it to other corporations.

From its headquarters in Louisville, Ky., G.E. Appliances had incorporated the Quirky model as a subsidiary called FirstBuild which the company was using to test new products. Some of those products like a new ice maker and machine for cold-brewing coffee have had success and actually made it to market.

“Companies are continuing to evolve the way they approach innovation, and are more willing to go outside their four walls to generate good ideas,” said Giddy chief executive Taylor Dawson, in a statement.  “We’re giving businesses access to fresh thinking, while providing opportunities for people to do what they love and gain experience.”

Since its launch FirstBuild has expanded from Louisville to offices in Shanghai and a planned location somewhere in India set to be unveiled in 2018.

Giddy takes the Quirky and FirstBuild model and sells it to companies asa mobile platform through which companies can post challenges to employees and outside designers.

The company said it will launch its first challenge at CES with more to follow.

Businesses pay a fee to use Giddy, but amateur inventors, hobbyists, and makers can join for free. They will be able to peruse challenges and find some that interest them.

“Yes, the technology is great, but the value is in Giddy’s creative community from artists to engineers and makers,” said Dawson in a statement. “We saw the power of community and open innovation at FirstBuild. If it worked that well for GE appliances, we’re confident other companies can benefit from a similar approach.”

Wrinkles in BQX project as review process is delayed

Brooklyn Reporter

The Brooklyn-Queens Connector (BQX) project reportedly has missed a deadline to start its public review process, which was slated to begin at the end of 2017.

According to Crain’s, the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) now plans to begin the public review process for the $2.8 billion proposed streetcar project that would stretch along the waterfront for 16 miles between Sunset Park and Astoria, Queens early this year.

“The BQX will dramatically increase opportunity for the hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers along the Brooklyn-Queens waterfront who are clamoring for better access to jobs, education, healthcare and recreation,” wrote a spokesperson for the Friends of BQX, the group that has been promoting the project, to this paper. “We’re optimistic that the project will take significant, concrete strides forward in 2018.”


Mayor Bill de Blasio, who originally unveiled the BQX initiative, continues to support the ambitious project.

“I proposed it. I said I want the most transportation I can get in the city,” he said in a town hall in the Sunset Park area on Thursday, December 14. “NYC Ferry started the last two years out of scratch. It didn’t exist. We created a whole new approach. You have it in a lot of places and it’s going to keep growing in the city. We need that. The subways are overcrowded.”

De Blasio also referenced other cities where light rail has succeeded. “Look at cities all over the country,” he said. “Light rail can be added to communities. New subways can’t.  Look how long the Second Avenue subway took. It took decades and decades to add a small amount more. If we’re going to add more transportation, light rail is part of it in my opinion.”