By the Mighty Mumford

Perfect overhead shots,

Rail fans use bridges lots…

Breathing in

Exhaust from when

Trains go under with exhaust hot!

Feel that rumble beneath,

What a thrill to bequeath…

Children see

Railroads are noisy,

Hopefully relish the treat!

Photos both coming and going,

Quickly gotten for the showing…

In a slide show

Or for something to crow,

Danger at trackside avoiding!

–Jonathan Caswell

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1 dead in W. Virginia train collision, no serious injuries to members of Congress

A train carrying Republican members of Congress to a legislative retreat collided with a vehicle in western Virginia Wednesday morning.

The train crashed in Crozet, Virginia, about 15 miles west of Charlottesville.

The crash involved an Amtrak train carrying legislators who were traveling to The Greenbrier resort in West Virginia. The train appeared to collide with a truck transporting garbage.

Gananoque: A Second Home Away From Home.

I Love Leeds and Grenville

There’s something magical, special about Gananoque, Ontario. If you’ve visited then you will understand. Upon entering the town one must drive underneath the risen, stout posts carrying a sign stating in bold letters, “GANANOQUE.” There leaves no room for mistaking that you have arrived.

I have heard a number of ways to pronounce Gananoque. How do you think it is pronounced? Go ahead, take a guess. Did you think, “Gan-an-aw-key,” or, “Gan-anna-kay?” Fret not. You are not alone. I have heard it all. In fact, it is pronounced as such: Gan – Ann – Awk – Way. Say that three times fast. There! Now, you’ve got it. Great work. Welcome to our little club, those who are aware of this jewel along the Thousand Islands, Saint Lawrence River.

Gananoque’s translated meaning is, “Water Rising over Rocks” or “Garden of the Great Spirit” (reference: Town of Gananoque). If you were…

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She then buried the bodies under a tomato bush


She always knew she’d kill for him. She just was never sure it would be necessary. She was just never sure how much her hands would shake, if at all.  She was just never sure how everyone else would take it. But she had never cared about that.

The day came. And she was ready. No one would keep her from fulfilling her destiny to protect and serve him. Her love for him meant doing anything it took to ensure he was ok.

derelict-building-sandra-crook @sandra crook

And there was her first work of protection. She had to return to see it and remind herself why she does what she does. She had went in and destroyed and protected. She then buried the bodies under a tomato bush.   And he has flourished. And she was steely in her resolve to always love him no matter what.

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