Thursday Doors – Christmas Tradition

No Facilities

My favorite. A door and a train!

I wrote last year about how quickly things become a tradition in our family. What I didn’t mention is how those traditions grow in both scope and importance. Three years ago, Faith took me to Old Sturbridge Village (OSV) for their “Christmas by Candlelight” exhibit. It’s great fun and walking around in the cold and the dark helps to better understand the way the people who first settled in New England, lived, worked and worshipped. One thing about this event is that OSV isn’t the easiest place to find. Getting there from our house involves a U-Turn at the end, and Greata (my GPS) never gets the location right.

Last year, we zeroed in on a Thai restaurant as a landmark. “The Thai Place” is pretty easy to remember, so a dinner of Thai food has been inserted into the…

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2 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Christmas Tradition”

  1. I really liked this post and think you picked a great blog to feature, Penney! 🚂
    Hope you have some visits with family and friends and the best holiday season yet! Peace is the answer! 🎉🕊💞


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