Ten 2017 PHOTOS by RailPAC Photographers


Photos by Guest Photographers and Commentary by Russ Jackson

This trainset is number one of eight Stadler DMU FLIRT vehicles that will go in service “by the end of 2018” on the 27 mile Tarrant County TexRail commuter rail line between downtown Ft. Worth and Terminal B at the Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport, using the former “Cotton Belt” line.  Another project by Dallas County would complete the use of that line coming from the east, but it has a low priority currently.  (This December 12 photo by Russ Jackson…my latest.)

The City of Tallahassee, Florida, is still waiting to welcome Amtrak back after 12 years.  While a big boost to returning service to the Gulf Coast has been working for several years, nothing definitive has been forthcoming.  Negotiations with the CSX Railroad, owner of the rail line, are likely proving more difficult than expected.  (Photo by Anthony Lee)


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