I Might be a Digital Caveman

No Facilities

First frost

I recently was given a new iPad for work. I get to use it for non-work stuff, but my iPhone is my go-to mobile device. I have to buy my own phone. I use it for work stuff, just as much, perhaps more than I use the iPad for personal stuff, but these are the things that all come out in the wash.

Anyway, the week after getting the new iPad, I had to travel to New York City for three days. It was going to be a busy three days, so there didn’t seem to be the need to take my laptop.

Now, you should know that me traveling without a laptop is as if my grandmother had traveled without her knitting, or my dad had traveled without his golf clubs – i.e. things that just don’t happen.

I prepared for the journey. I reckoned that I…

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