Dangerous Territory

Wish I was smart enough to use TWITTER correctly!!!

No Facilities

MiMi I was asleep

I know I’m stepping into dangerous territory, as many of my regular readers aren’t interested in Twitter. If you’re in that group, you can feel free to skip to the gallery and see some of the pictures I took after our first snowstorm. For those of you who remain interested: I think Twitter may have ruined the Twitter experience.

OK, maybe it’s not totally ruined, but ruined enough. It’s like they dropped the set of six wine glasses you liked, and four of them broke into painful shards. They’re still good glasses, but you can’t use them as often.

It’s not Twitter’s fault, although it clearly is. I understand, Twitter is trying to be relevant, i.e. more Facebooky, but, in most cases, this isn’t working for me.

If you’re one of the non-Twitter folks who have hung in with me – thank you – and let me…

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