General Electric to lay off 80 workers from Norwalk office


More General Electric jobs are leaving Connecticut. The company says it is cutting 80 jobs from its Norwalk office, which will affect workers in its digital unit.

The layoffs are expected to begin January 30.

In 2016, General Electric moved hundreds of jobs to Norwalk from its former headquarters in Fairfield. GE moved its headquarters to Boston later in the year, and broke ground there on May 8.

It had called Fairfield home for 40 years.

Before the move was announced, Connecticut officials offered to purchase GE’s sprawling Fairfield campus so the company could move to a more urban area in state, possibly to Stamford, according to records.

Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner Catherine Smith said she didn’t think the company took Connecticut’s offer seriously.




Pacific Paratrooper

USS Reno fighting the fires on the USS Princeton USS Reno fighting the fires on the USS Princeton

1 February 1942 is the earliest mention of a Kamikaze attack, but it was more likely an opportunist rather than a planned event. The USS Enterprise was damaged by the crashed plane. Admiral Takijiro Onishi did not create the Special Attacks Groups (Tokubetsu Kogeki Tai) until 19 October 1944, and gave them the title of Kamikaze after the ‘Divine Wind’ that scattered the Mongol invasion of Kublai Khan in 1274 and 1281.

Adm. Takijiro Onishi Adm. Takijiro Onishi

These men volunteered mainly out of a sense of duty, generally university students, in their 20’s, being taught to “transcend life and death… which will enable you to concentrate your attention on eradicating the enemy with unwavering determination…” — an excerpt from the Kamikaze manual kept in their cockpit. Three times as many men volunteered as the number of planes available and experienced pilots were rejected…

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