WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS ….America’s Salt History

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Morton Salt is an American company producing salt for food, water conditioning, industrial, agricultural, and road/highway use. Based in Chicago,[1] the business is North America’s leading producer and marketer of salt. It is a subsidiary of the German company K+S.
The company began in Chicago, Illinois, in 1848 as a small sales agency, E. I. Wheeler, started by the Onondaga salt companies to sell their salt to the Midwest. In 1910, the business, which had by that time become both a manufacturer and a merchant of salt, was incorporated as the Morton Salt Company.[2] It was named after the owner and founder, Joy Morton, the son of J. Sterling Morton[3] who founded Arbor Day. Joy Morton starting working for E. I. Wheeler in 1880, buying into the company for $10,000, with which he bought a fleet of lake boats to move salt west.[4] In 1982, the business was purchased by…

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Lingayen Gulf, 2-8 January 1945

Pacific Paratrooper

USS Ommaney Bay, January 1945

On 2 January, the US carrier, USS Ommaney Bay, was severely damaged by a kamikaze aircraft and would later need to be scuttled.  Three days later, the cruiser, USS Columbia, was also damaged when she was hit by 2 of the Japanese suicide planes.  US shipping received relentless kamikaze strikes that cost the Navy more than 1000 men due to those 30 hits.

Beginning on 6 January, a heavy naval and air bombardment of suspected Japanese defenses on Lingayen began.  Aircraft and naval artillery bombardment of the soon-to-be landing areas occurred, with kamikazes attacking again on the 7th.

USS Columbia hit by kamikaze

On the 8th, it was observed that in the town of Lingayen, as a response to the prelanding shelling, Filipinos had begun to form a parade, complete with United States and Philippine flags – firing was shifted away from that…

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8 Tips for Quick Cleaning Before Guests Arrive

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No doubt you’ll want your home to look its best for visiting family and friends during the holidays. Here are a few cleaning tips to minimize the time you have to spend making things sparkle.

1. Grout and tight corners


Cleaning nooks and crannies doesn’t require elbow grease. A toothbrush is much more effective.

2. Showerhead residue


Fill a plastic bag with vinegar, tie it around the head and leave it overnight to dissolve mineral deposits. A vinegar-soaked rag held in place by a rubber band works, too.

3.  Microwave build-up


Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a small bowl of water and microwave for about five minutes. The lemon scent eliminates old food smells and condensation from the lemon water loosens caked-on grime, making it much easier to clean.

4. Garage floor


Don’t bother sweeping – a leaf blower is much quicker.

5. Pet hair on furniture

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Ghosts: Crisis Apparition

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A classic English ghost story, re-blogged from Strange Company. Enjoy!

Camille Pissarro, “Lordship Lane Station, Dulwich”This “true ghost” story–a classic example of what are known as “crisis apparitions”–was told by Dr. Margaret Vivian in the “London Evening News” of December 23, 1954:Many years ago when I was a medical student Mr. X., an old friend, would call occasionally at the college to take me out to lunch. One day a letter from him asked me…

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Photo:Gustave Caillebotte [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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