One-Liner Wednesday – Knowledge vs. Speed

No Facilities

You snooze you lose…unless you have kitchen privileges

I pulled into our driveway on Sunday morning, and found two squirrels waiting in the yard. They seem to know that we carry nuts (or perhaps we are nuts) with us in the car. As I walked over to toss them a few peanuts, they heard some squawking and ran to the dogwood for protection. I tossed the peanuts. As they started to come down, two blue jays arrived in the tree. For a few seconds. everyone stood still, then the blue jays swooped in and scarfed up the peanuts.

I went inside, but a few minutes later, I could hear a gentle tapping on the front door. The two squirrels were waiting on the porch.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, I’d encourage you to join in…

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