Gus Andreone – Hometown Hero #WATWB

No Facilities

If we were having a beer, you would be picking on me again.

“Can we assume that you were making rather merry on Thursday Mr. Cratchit?”

“Excuse me?”

“And, excuse me for saying, but if you’re casting him as Bob Cratchit, you are casting yourself as Scrooge.”

“Be careful Cheryl, it’s his turn to buy.”

“Darn, there goes my tip. You boys want your usual?”

“Bring my young friend a Yuengling, but I will have a glass of Meiomi today.”

“Backing off on the bourbon, are we?”

“He’s not backing off, Cheryl, he’s paying.”

“Now that were done picking on me, can we get back to your recent oversight?”

“Who says we’re done? Sorry, what was it I didn’t I do?”

“Here’s your beer; your wine; I see I didn’t miss the punch line. What didn’t he do?”

“He failed to realize that yesterday was the last Friday of the…

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