More Antique Maps


There’s something intriguing about old maps that can draw the imagination into them. I enjoy seeing and pondering the images. The maps that most interest me are the political maps. That is maps that delineate boundaries of nations, states, provinces, counties, and so forth.

There are atlases, and road maps I’ve accumulated over the years. There’s also a portfolio of loose maps that is stashed away. None of these are probably monetarily valuable, but they do have significance historically.

There is one old map that has been framed and now hangs in a hallway at home. The map of Nebraska, Dakota, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming was published in 1865 by A.J. Johnson. Johnson was a major atlas publisher and cartographer in 18th century America.

The rest of the images come from Barnes’ Complete Geography a school textbook that was printed in 1885. The map of Africa shows the organization of…

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